3 Silvers with the XP ADX 150

What a fantastic session, the little XP ADX 150 has really made my afternoon, there’s just something special about detecting with un complicated machines, they are like little terriers eager to reward their master.
I got a call from a friend who has just lost a Gold Wedding Ring in her small horse paddock, upon my arrival she greeted me with an embarrassed look and then went on to explain she found the ring next to the sink in the workshop. As I had already made the trip I asked if it was OK to detect on her land for a few hours, she could hardly say no, but you still have to ask.

I only had a machine probe, spade cheap camera with me and no other kit such as wireless headphones, finds pouch and trowel as my original intention was to look for a wedding ring.


I thought it would be a good idea to write a very short XP ADX 150 review
Switch on…wait for the second set of bleeps to tell me the machine was ready, switch the discrimination out of the ALL Metal “click” and search. From switch on to detect…. 6 seconds.


This machine was an absolute dream to use, it ran so silent even at maximum sensitivity, with only the odd chip from large iron.
The discrimination setting needs no skills either, simply switch it out of all metal and leave it on its lowest setting, it takes care of iron without any fuss.


The silent detecting in the sunlight was tranquil, just me and Bella the horse, I could even hear the church bells in the distance chiming away, at that point I really didnt care if I got any targets or not, it’s just being out in the fresh air that can sometimes make you feel glad to be alive.
I don’t know what it was but everything just felt right, the machine, the temperature, the peace and quiet, I just knew for some reason good things were going to happen.


My first signal was a sweet sounding zing, repeatable from every direction, 6″ down the probe sounded off and a nice musket ball appeared. Then only a few minutes later at  8″ deep, a Silver milled coin saw the light of day after many years of slumber, once again a perfect sound at very respectable depths.

Dig sequence XP ADX 150

The action came thick and fast, this little machine was dancing from one target to another, I’m sure if it could talk it would be saying “again” “again” “again”.
Overall I had about 20 targets in 2 hours, some shotgun cartridges and foil which were not worth photographing.


My 3 Silvers were just the cherry on the cake, this really is a deep machine, how deep will it go with the bigger after market coils I ask myself ?


Todays walk about with the XP ADX 150 will stay in my memory for a long time, I was even treated to an overhead aerobatic display with 2 bi planes.
Would I class it as a beginners machine…YES, but as I was detecting I began to realise there’s another dimension to simple machines. The ADX 150 is also a high performing professional machine, for professionals who don’t want lots of fuss and adjustments. I know it’s an old saying but sometimes to go forward you need to go back a step first.


If the XP ADX 150 could give me this level of success every time I went out, it would be my only machine.

Here is a short video showing the sweet audio and great performance

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