More Deus Gold from Denmark

I have had a great year detecting in Denmark with my XP Deus, with 3 items of pure gold, a German gold coin from 1483, a Viking gold pendant and a half gold arm ring from the Danish Iron age period.

This is a short story about my Viking Gold pendant

I was going through a very  low period with no good detecting  finds, so I was eventually  forced to change my search areas, after some enquiries I  got a permit to search a nearby field next to a old 11th century church.
My first plan of action was to hit the field with the Hot program as I had a good feeling about the place and wanted to know the hot spots and area’s of contamination. After less then a hour I had found a few coins dating back to 1275 and up, but suddenly I tagged a low sounding signal in the dry  ground, my initial thought were that’s foil for sure, a after a little digging I then stood with a lump of soil and could clearly see a gold colour in it, could it be?, surely not !….Bingo !

Yes finally my first Viking gold, from around 650 AD.

I am so impressed with the XP Deus I  bought a second one for my girl friend.

I just want to thank XP for a great machine.

Mikkel from Denmark

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