Updating your XP Deus

Downloading the latest “Free” updates to your XP metal detector is fast and simple, please follow this update procedure – This is for a Windows PC only

Before updating your Deus please take some time and make sure you have all the items ready.
1. Ensure your coil RC and headphones are charged and switched off. Make sure every other Deus in the area is also switched off, including headphones.
2. Ensure you have a good internet connection
3. Ensure you have all the items to update in the same room
4. Ensure you have the correct update lead, this is a single lead supplied with your Deus and NOT the 3-way charging lead.
5. Ensure your coil numbers are all paired with the Deus and all coils not used are removed from the menu.

Download the XP Deus version 4 update

And download it to your decktop
Double click the folder and the file will start to install. Allow it to place a shortcut on your desktop (sometimes you may want to disable your anti-virus).

Here are the questions you will be asked during the update so be ready for them.
Questions :
Plug in your USB lead.
Unplug your USB lead…. then plug it in again.
Searching for coils.
Do you have headphones Yes or No.
Do you have another set of headphones if Yes turn off set 1 ( EVEN THEY STILL SAY “UP” ON THE DISPLAY ) Once they are off then turn on set 2.

Updating procedure
First of all write down your favourite programs as these will be removed during the update procedure.

We highly recommend that you uninstall older versions of the XP software from your PC before downloading and installing the new link.
Run the update on your pc, YOU WILL SEE THIS SCREEN.
Select which version you require from the drop down menu.

Then you will see this screen, it’s now time to pick up your Deus RC

Turn on your Deus WITHOUT THE USB ATTACHED and go to Configuration –  Update – Confirm – Yes ….. so you have this screen.

Now plug in the single USB cable from the PC to your Deus, the update should now start.

The update will start to run, after a short while it will tell you to unplug the cable and plug it in again – Follow this instruction.

The next step is to update the search coils, the software will update every coil logged into your coil menu, so please ensure any coil you do not use is removed prior to update for a fast install.

Once the coils have been updated the update will automatically move to the headphones, select YES if you have headphones and turn them on (Leave the USB cable in the controller do not touch it or turn it off).

Once the headphones are updated it will ask if you have any more headphones.
If the answer is Yes then it is important to turn off the first headphones before proceeding to the second set of headphones (If you own them).
Click NO if you do not have a second set of headphones.

Once the headphones have updated you will have a message to say all is well and you can now unplug the cable.
Your XP Deus will now restart.

The average time for an update is around 3 minutes depending on how many items are paired.

Please note : You cannot update the headphones only, an RC is required.
MAC operators : Some people say updates are possible on Macs. Via VMWare – An app or via Boot Camp. XP cannot guarantee this procedure, therefore XP accept no liability for any problem caused by an unauthorised MAC update.

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