Metal detecting is not just about finding treasure

Finding treasure with a metal detector is something the media like to sensationalise, so in turn this is the general public’s perception of the hobby.
However for many of us finding an item is just the start of the adventure, this is where the hobby takes on a completely new dimension.
Studying area’s to find the most productive land is a normal task, but what about researching an item after it’s been found, how many of us take the time to read a simple inscription.
As you will see below sometimes a little time spent searching Google can produce interesting results.
It’s a breath of fresh air when I hear a report about someone who finds a fairly basic item with a detector and turns it into a fantastic positive.
This is exactly what happened to a good friend of mine Jerry Morris, I’m sure most of you know Jerry as JBM on the detecting circuit.

This is Jerry’s story

While out detecting with my XP Deus in North Somerset I heard a very good target, after carefully recovering it I could read some writing.
Once at home I gave the item a good clean and identified it as a centre noseband from a horse harness.


The inscription read “LOUCH  MAKER  WESTON-S-MARE”.

I made some internet searches and started to unveil a very interesting story.
Charles Edward Louch had his own very successful Saddlers business in Regent Street,Weston Super Mare.


He lived in a house called Edelweiss in Clevedon Road.

This is where the story gets interesting

Charles and his wife Alice decided to visit his brother in America and set off from Southampton Docks on the 10th of April 1912.

image 2

The ship they chose to use for their venture was the TITANIC.


Charles went down with the ship and Alice was saved using Lifeboat number 14 making which made it to the Carpathian.

Louch Lifeboat No14s

The body of Charles was found 9 days later still wearing his pyjamas under warmer top clothing.

In his pockets were a penknife,fountain pen, purse, London 7 Midland Bank pocket book,also £77 10s 41/2.

The rest is here to see in detail with pictures.


Jerry went on to say : All this thanks to my friendly XP Deus.

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