Terry finds a unique Iron age brooch with his XP Deus

Terry finds a unique Silver Iron age brooch with his XP Deus

On a warm November afternoon in 2017 i thought i would get a couple of hours metal detecting in, so off I went to a permission I have done a few times before.
All I found was the usual buttons and a Vicky penny so decided to go up the hill and try my luck. After a short while I got a great signal and started to dig down about 6-7 inches,when I turned the turf over there it was gleaming in the sunlight I thought it was a Roman brooch so I took some pictures, carefully removed it from the clod and put it in my finds pouch.

I contacted my local FLO and could not believe what they were saying

I carried on for another hour or so but the excitement got to much for me so I packed up and went home. I contacted my Finds Liaison Officer and sent him the photographs. I was really not prepared for the reply.

“WOW that is a great brooch, there are similar brooches called P-Shape which are Roman, these examples have a separate spring that is wrapped around a detachable bar mounted at the top of the head.

However your example has an integral spring that has been cast on the bow, this is typical of the La Tene II type brooches of the middle Iron Age and are very rare. There are only 11 on there database for the whole of the country, none are silver. there are silver examples known but I’ve never seen one, even in a museum”.

Metal detectind with the XP Deus | Another fantastic rare find from the iron age

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