Rare militaria found in Romania

I am very aware that most of the XP Deus users chose the machine mostly for locating ancient coins and artefacts, but I will say it once more: The Deus is a VERY versatile machine, capable of working particular sites for specific targets,  if you understand its way of functioning.

As many have said several times before, they chose the Deus because it’s incredibly light, fast and easy to use; yes, easy to use, despite all the voices stating that it is hard to understand, why would it be when the factory programs are all installed and you are ready to go straight out of the box, all you need to do is learn it’s ways.
Let’s say that the Deus could be compared to a lifetime companion: If you take time and understand the ”right rhythm” you will work in harmony, in turn you will be rewarded.

How I use the Deus

I use the Deus mainly for searching areas that contain militaria, all the time I am looking for interesting pieces of iron that can be reconditioned or donated to our local museum, so the Deus has to deal with highly iron infested sectors, while looking for a specific type of iron. This method of searching amongst iron to find iron can be a very difficult task.
Some places I visit are full of all kinds of modern scrap, both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, in this case I set my Deus to zero discrimination, in order to interpret the signals, then choose the spot where to dig while having a good idea of what areas to avoid. That’s the procedure we follow if we want to find a bayonet, for example. I guess you could say it is picking the modern iron from the old iron.

My latest session

During my last session, I kept the Deus set on reactivity 3, mostly because I needed a fast recovery between targets, also keeping in mind that most Militaria targets are considerably big, so you won’t need maximum depth. When I hear a mixed iron signal showing about 23/27, I know that something good could be ”behind” it. Working at 0 discrimination, makes the interpretation of such targets easier, which otherwise could have been rejected if using a higher discrimination.

I’ve managed to recover a WW1 Steyr bayonet, a rare model issued by the Romanian Army and for use with the Henry Martini rifle. There was a high faint signal coming from the brass head, almost covered by the iron feedback coming from the rest of the bayonet. The piece was in a nearly vertical position, at around 20cm deep; if the brass head would have been positioned horizontally, very probably the signal would have been much better, but the Deus managed to pick it out anyway.
Attached are some pictures of the reconditioned bayonet, together with her sister, recovered during a previous session!

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XP Deus tip – Audio response
Searching deep pasture

Imagine you are searching un disturbed land, you are convinced the older targets have sunk deeper into the ground compared to modern targets, using a low audio response can help you “Cherry Pick” the deeper targets by the softer audio sounds, allowing you the option to perhaps ignore the louder shallow/modern targets.

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