Recovering lost items with the XP Deus

Lost necklace and pendant an easy task for the Deus

First of all we would like to thank the people at  Renesse South West Beach Pavilion for passing my information to clients, we offer a free search service and have had some great success over the years.

My story starts with a call from a desperate lady whose daughter lost a sentimental necklace with pendant in the dry sand, this was going to be a challenge, as there was no chain, it was a rope with a gemstone attached. The owner had informed me behind the gem stone was a very small iron ring, this meant my search must be made in all metal with no discrimination.
Thankfully some photos were taken on the day showing  the exact  location where the necklace had been lost , I headed towards the sandy area with my machine.


I use several different types of metal detectors based on where the lost Items are located, I always like to use the XP Deus for these dry beach hunts as it is so versatile.

With a press of a button you can make fast changes, and with the ability to further customise your own programs it makes a great tool for the job.
After digging 56 beer caps and 11 pull taps I felt I needed to change tactics.


I needed to Reduce my search area

Convinced the area I was searching was exactly where the owner was sat in the picture, but my gut feeling was telling me it was wrong.
My feeling was telling me to work further downwards.

Even as children we are always told you must always listen to your inner feelings, I am really glad I did because pretty quickly after the switch of location I received a really good solid signal.
Gotcha !!!, I thought …damn,  it wasn’t the necklace, it was a Gold  wedding ring, great find but we weren’t  looking for that.
Another 4 paces further and a I got a solid low iron tone, and for some really strange reason I knew this was it, my heart rate suddenly sat in my throat and I had goose bumps everywhere and sure enough it was the lost pendant.
How can feelings be so strong ?, this was a real spooky experience but an education.


When I got back from the beach I called to the owners, they came over straight away on their bicycles. When they saw the Gem they were overjoyed and thanked me very much.
They wanted to give me way too much money although I couldn’t accept it. Payment is always nice but emotion is often more valuable than money.


The owner told me the necklace was a birthday gift from her adopted daughter, it was very special and held lots of emotional value.


Super happy with my day, my next task was to try to locate the owner of the wedding ring.
And thanks to some internet searches it only took a few hours to re unite the ring with another happy  owner.
Martin from the Netherlands

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