XP Deus team Romania latest trip report

This is the latest report from Michele and his XP team based in Romania.
As a result of our extensive research the RMA team (Romanian Military Archaeology) headed to the Moldavia region of northern Romania, where for several days we scanned forests and hills looking for intense area’s of WW I and WW II areas of occupation. Our research led us to believe that this mountain region had been the location of some heavy fighting during both world wars.
After days of searching we hit on a location, we knew the area was good because of the iron contamination, when we say iron contamination we do not mean small nails like you would expect on a Roman site, we had to deal with big chunks of iron.
Huge pieces flat plate from all kinds of trucks and heavy machinery possibly destroyed by intense artillery fire. With a lot of patience and work, we managed to extract some nice ferrous and non ferrous items from the iron covered ground.

This is indeed a time consuming task, many detectors would not function in such extreme conditions, that’s why the XP is our machine of choice.
We always use personalised Deus Fast programs that suit our search style, having a very light weight machine such as the Deus was a big help during our days in the mountains, our kit needed to be minimal because the Kilometres of hiking and climbing really tested the body and mind.
During our trip we were so lucky to experience some truly breathtaking scenery, we didn’t see another person for days, just us and our machines.

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful country surrounded by history dating back thousands of years.


Here are some pictures of our finds from the most recent RMA trip.
World War I and II relics

As you can see, not all Iron items are bad.

This military crest was in fantastic condition


Despite the iron contamination, most finds were recovered in really good condition.

The local archaeologist were very happy with our discoveries and they will soon be on display with artefacts from our other trips.


Thanks for reading our metal detecting story, the bad weather is approaching, we will report more for the XP Classroom Blog after the winter.

Goodbye from the RMA team, thanks XP – The Deus does it again !!

Michele from the RMA team

Thanks for the articles guys
Be sure to look out for the next RMA article when Michele and his team discover something really interesting in the mountains of Romania.

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