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1st prize is a signed copy of the shortcross legends book by Gerry Slevin worth £39.00
This is the only book you will ever need it is written in such a simple way making an ID of English Voided Short Cross Coins is easy for beginners to the most experienced. This book give’s precise information including the Moneyer that was responsible for coins bearing his name, along with the name of the mint he worked at, circa 1180-1247 Making it more accurate to ID, King, Class, Date plus both Spink and North numbers for cross reference in the fastest possible time by using special written fonts to give a true reflection of the lettering and punctuation marks on each coin So it really is a case of what you see on the coin is what you see in the book.

Gerry Slevin short cross legends short-cross-legends-gerry-slevin

2nd prize is a top quality XP polo shirt plus a baseball cap

Free_XP Poloshirt_BlackFree_xp_cap

3rd Prize is 2 XP baseball caps

Free_xp_cap Free_xp_cap

The prize draw will be selected at random and take place on December 15th 2016

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