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XP Deus trio unearth Celtic treasure

My fascination with metal detecting began in the early 1970’s when I purchased my very first detector, back in the day Victorian and Georgian coins were plentiful, but that appeared to be my limit. By the middle of the 1980’s, I had become a family…

My Deus keeps finding Silver coins

My XP Deus never fails to amaze me, it just loves finding ancient silver coins, here is my story. I began detecting in 1979, when you still needed a licence from the post office, and found quite a few pre decimal coins, but stopped after…

Deus High Frequency coil feedback from Adam and Lisa

XP Deus High Frequency search coil Lisa and I have been out with the XP Deus 9” HF coil for the last couple of months and it is proving to be a very useful tool on the types of ancient habitation sites that we love…

The Jersey Hoard re visited

I have always loved Jersey and visit around 3 times a year, during my short breaks I have never used a metal detector on the island. I got an invite from Reg Mead and Richard Miles they wanted me to give them a short XP…

XP Deus finds Celtic coins

A day of dreams with my XP Deus To say I was excited was an understatement, I had found my very first Celtic stater (albeit a contemporary forgery) on a new permission as well as a really nice quinarius of Emperor Allectus along with a…

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