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XP Deus testing 4 Khz

XP Deus digging deep targets using 4Khz Lower frequencies are better for big targets right ? As many of you know the XP Deus metal detector has a choice of four operating frequencies, most people use 11Khz or 17Khz, this suits most of their metal…

XP users video

xp metal detector users

XP metal detectors….Video Here is a short XP video from Gary, catching up with some XP users and their experiences in the field, showing some nice finds and giving their honest feedback about XP metal detectors. XP users video link For all the latest XP…

Kim is really learning the XP Deus

Kim travelled all the way from Shropshire to Buckinghamshire to test her new XP Deus. The site conditions were hard going but she managed to find some interesting targets. After a short time using the hot program she unearthed 3 Roman coins. And this unknown…

Mikes recent XP Deus finds

Mike is a regular member of the Metal Detectives club, he has kindly sent in some of his most recent XP Deus finds. All the finds have been recorded with the FLO and the British Museum.Mike is from France but lives in the UK, he…

My Deus experience by Richard


I’m a relatively new user of the xp deus, ive only had it a couple of months now, but already I know it has revolutionised my whole detecting experience, so much so that I wish I had ‘taken the plunge’ earlier.. It wasn’t that my…

XP official home page

XP Metal Detectors 8 rue du développement, ZI de VIC31320 CASTANET-TOLOSAN FRANCE.


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