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XP Deus 8Khz explained

Why use a low frequency on your XP Deus 8Khs is it worth it ? This is a question that is regularly asked by Deus user. Optimal operating frequency falls into several different brackets, most people think it is just to find bigger targets deep,…

XP Deus 1 to 1 training sessions

XP deus finds ancient coin

The XP Deus training sessions. 1 to 1 prices start from £70 for 4 hours (approx), we will supply an XP Deus for you to use if you do not own one. Due to work commitments, weekends are preferred 1 to 1 training The sessions…

My Deus experience by Richard


I’m a relatively new user of the xp deus, ive only had it a couple of months now, but already I know it has revolutionised my whole detecting experience, so much so that I wish I had ‘taken the plunge’ earlier.. It wasn’t that my…