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XP newsletter May 2017

So far 2017 has been very busy for the XP team, the new products have been released along with 3 new video’s. The MI-6 probe and  white HF 9″ coil have been a great success we will be releasing the HF Elliptical coil hopefully next…

XP Deus | Deep settings manual mode

XP Deus Deep settings There are 2 question commonly asked by Deus owners: What is the deepest program for the Deus? How do I go deeper with the Deus? I have based this article around these 2 questions they sound similar but are very different!…

XP Deus lite saving programs

If you are using the XP Deus Lite version 3.2 with the headphones you can easily save your favourite programs into the spare memory slots, are you using your XP Deus Lite to it’s full potential ?. The Deus WS4 and WS5 offers great performance…

XP Deus 8Khz explained

Why use a low frequency on your XP Deus 8Khs is it worth it ? This is a question that is regularly asked by Deus user. Optimal operating frequency falls into several different brackets, most people think it is just to find bigger targets deep,…

XP Deus testing 4 Khz

XP Deus digging deep targets using 4Khz Lower frequencies are better for big targets right ? As many of you know the XP Deus metal detector has a choice of four operating frequencies, most people use 11Khz or 17Khz, this suits most of their metal…

XP official home page

XP Metal Detectors 8 rue du développement, ZI de VIC31320 CASTANET-TOLOSAN FRANCE.


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