Team XP at the UK metal detecting rally 2017

Firstly we would like to thank everyone for supporting XP metal detectors at the UK rally.
Alain, Cedric,Julien and myself had a fantastic time we really enjoyed meeting and talking to all the fantastic people who came over to the XP stand.

We hope you enjoyed the high frequency search coil demonstrations and took away some valuable information with you. These new coils have certainly opened up some new Deus options, keep a look out for the new Deus version 4.1 update, it has a new option called “tracking sensitivity” and will be available to download free of charge very soon.

There was an unbelievable amount of fantastic Deus finds made over the weekend, it was good to meet up with some of our overseas distributors who do a great job promoting our products and supporting customers.

The Viking made a guest appearance along with many other visitors from all over the world.

As always the French stole the show, not only the percentage of XP metal detectors out there in the field but the amount of finds that were responsibly recorded with the on-site FLO team.

Once again thanks to everyone for supporting XP and see you all next year.

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