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XP Deus Deep settings
There are 2 question commonly asked by Deus owners:
What is the deepest program for the Deus?
How do I go deeper with the Deus?
I have based this article around these 2 questions they sound similar but are very different!

Part 1 What is the deepest program for the Deus?

Based on my experiences there is no single program to go deeper for everyone, there are too many factors to take into consideration.
A deep program may work on one persons land but may be very unstable on another’s. Some deep internet programs simply have higher sensitivity levels and the audio response turned up, this will not make the machine deeper, it will only boost the audio level on smaller targets and higher sensitivity levels can make an erratic operation.
Deep targets will sound small, so a smooth running machine is essential or you may miss a deep target thinking it is a false signal.

XP have designed 10 factory pre-set programs to give good performance and suit most world wide search scenarios…rest assured they are working on new adaptions all the time, your factory settings may very well require tweaking to enhance the performance on your site, or to make your detecting experience better suited for you.
Soil conditions and desired targets change all over the world, if you want a true deep program it must be designed for your site and most importantly your abilities.

Very soon in this article you will hear me mention the terms Auto Mode and Manual Mode, bear with me all will be explained.


Hunting for deep targets with the XP Deus

Set up for your site
Before you decide to go out and hunt for deeper targets  perhaps it may be wise to ask yourself “what are my desired targets”, deep singular coins or deep hoards, as the machine may need to be set up in different ways.

As a rule of thumb site conditions dictate depth, mineralisation, heavy stones, iron contamination and regularly turned soil just to mention a few, can all greatly reduce a machines performance. Be aware that the target signal can change from good to bad in a matter of centimetres.
Suspicious signals are very often the result of ground consumption, as the target gets deeper, the ground saturation gets stronger and stronger until finally the target gives no response. Area’s with high mineralization will consume the target much quicker.
No matter what machine you are using, searching difficult soils very rarely yield deep targets – That’s my excuse anyway.

Quiet sites
Some sites may simply have no deep targets present…you cant find what’s not there!…however if I were to be searching for a buried hoard I think my best chances of success would be to start searching on a quiet site rather than a busy one.
Back in the day people would bury treasures somewhere quiet, not in the middle of a settlement, unless under the floor of a building I guess.

Deep Hoards
Some overseas detectorists only look for hoards and large treasures in remote area’s, they are not interested in small targets and do not care if the target is ferrous or non ferrous. They very often choose XP Deus settings that complement the larger coil. Popular settings are based around the All Metal or in case of mineralised conditions the Goldfield program, using the lower operating Frequency 4 kHz a slow Reactivity 1, Silencer at -1, and an accurate ground balance by using tracking or pumping.
Detecting in manual mode will always give a further advantage.

Small deep targets
Naturally small targets will never be found at great depths but they can be found at impressive depths using a higher frequency and manual mode.
This Gold coin was found by investigating a signal that I would normally ignore.


Part 2 How do I go deeper with the Deus?

Let’s assume you have the best settings for your site and you are confident the machine is working to the best of your ability.
Note the key word here “Your ability”

So how are you going to play it ?,  like you normally do or are you going to try something different, remember you are specifically looking for deep targets, so what needs to be changed ?

I truly believe switching from Auto to Manual Mode will give you the desired results, many detectorists out there are using manual mode with great success, have you ever wondered why some people in your club or group are constantly getting good results….Because they are in manual mode.

What is Auto and Manual Mode and how do I find it in the Deus menu?
It’s not in the menu, it’s in your head and your attention to signal detail….9 times out of 10 when I run a Deus 1 to 1 session the clients are in Auto mode, they don’t realise it because that’s all they know.
By the end of the session they are all in Manual Mode this is because they have been shown and understand the grey area’s of the Deus audio signature, and have a vastly improved search sweep. Everyone has the ability it’s simply learning the Deus language and exercising a little patience while searching.

Not all detectors talk the same language, I truly believe the Deus is in a class of it’s own.  I think it is so sensitive to small changes in soil and target composition, it reflects in the audio sound. This is not a bad thing, but to get the best out of your machine it requires a little understanding.

Let’s take a modern digital camera, most have 2 modes Auto and Manual, personally I can not take a good picture unless it’s in Auto, there’s no shame in that, its how I get the best results. However I know if I took time to learn the camera and then used the manual mode my pictures would be far superior.
The difference between Auto and Manual mode is your state of mind, the question is how far are you prepared to go? The more you put into the Deus the more you will get out of it.


In the field
Lets assume you are new to the Deus or just prefer an easy day, the factory pre-set Basic 1 offers a good choice, feedback is limited but it’s a great beep-dig program and fun to use. Because it utilises a higher discrimination with no iron tone the user is only drawn toward digging good sounding targets.

The Deus Grey area


The Deus has what I call a grey area,  this the point where the target is neither good nor bad and more often than not this gives the deep target signature, Some describe it as a junk signal, I like to describe it as an audio question mark, all fields are full of audio question marks !

It is probably not a good idea trying to investigate loud suspicious signals, they will most probably be iron, providing you have the Audio Response set correctly the smaller deeper targets will be very obvious by the softer sound, 3 or 4 are popular settings.


Good signals are good, Iron signals are bad, anyone can deal with those, but it takes extra patience and skill to deal with the suspicious signals. And this is where learning your machine is vital!

Using a more dynamic program, such as Program 3 (Deus Fast) and changing to Full Tone with 0 discrimination, can increase the feedback from the machine and those grey question mark area’s will be far more noticeable.
For those who prefer a single tone, Deus Fast and simply switching to Pitch mode does a pretty good job.

Manual Mode is a real confidence method and you will need patience, OK you will get caught out on a few pieces of deep iron, but I guarantee once mastered you will find good targets at impressive depths.
Article first published in the Searcher magazine

Understanding deep targets video

XP Deus understanding deep targets | VIDEO

This video shows how easily the ground can contaminate a good target.
As the target becomes saturated by the ground, the iron tone creeps in.

This is why using the Audio response is so important, if you can hear a target is deep, you can then better evaluate whether to dig or not to dig.
The XP Deus is a very sensitive and deep metal detector in the right hands, be brave and investigate suspicious signals if they are quiet.

Keep a look out for latest XP videos

Recovering lost items with the XP Deus

Lost necklace and pendant an easy task for the Deus

First of all we would like to thank the people at  Renesse South West Beach Pavilion for passing my information to clients, we offer a free search service and have had some great success over the years.

My story starts with a call from a desperate lady whose daughter lost a sentimental necklace with pendant in the dry sand, this was going to be a challenge, as there was no chain, it was a rope with a gemstone attached. The owner had informed me behind the gem stone was a very small iron ring, this meant my search must be made in all metal with no discrimination.
Thankfully some photos were taken on the day showing  the exact  location where the necklace had been lost , I headed towards the sandy area with my machine.


I use several different types of metal detectors based on where the lost Items are located, I always like to use the XP Deus for these dry beach hunts as it is so versatile.

With a press of a button you can make fast changes, and with the ability to further customise your own programs it makes a great tool for the job.
After digging 56 beer caps and 11 pull taps I felt I needed to change tactics.


I needed to Reduce my search area

Convinced the area I was searching was exactly where the owner was sat in the picture, but my gut feeling was telling me it was wrong.
My feeling was telling me to work further downwards.

Even as children we are always told you must always listen to your inner feelings, I am really glad I did because pretty quickly after the switch of location I received a really good solid signal.
Gotcha !!!, I thought …damn,  it wasn’t the necklace, it was a Gold  wedding ring, great find but we weren’t  looking for that.
Another 4 paces further and a I got a solid low iron tone, and for some really strange reason I knew this was it, my heart rate suddenly sat in my throat and I had goose bumps everywhere and sure enough it was the lost pendant.
How can feelings be so strong ?, this was a real spooky experience but an education.


When I got back from the beach I called to the owners, they came over straight away on their bicycles. When they saw the Gem they were overjoyed and thanked me very much.
They wanted to give me way too much money although I couldn’t accept it. Payment is always nice but emotion is often more valuable than money.


The owner told me the necklace was a birthday gift from her adopted daughter, it was very special and held lots of emotional value.


Super happy with my day, my next task was to try to locate the owner of the wedding ring.
And thanks to some internet searches it only took a few hours to re unite the ring with another happy  owner.
Martin from the Netherlands

DJ Laan detecting day Netherlands

DJ Laan detecting day Netherlands
I was honoured to be invited to a metal detecting event in the Netherlands , I wanted  to see how events were organised overseas compared to the UK.
When I was told the main event was 2 token hunts, I had my concerns based on what I know the English detectorists would say about such an event.
Would a token hunt generate enough interest ?
Dirk Jan owner of  DJ Laan assured me that this was also a social event and a chance to meet fellow detectorists.

The Flight from Heathrow was only 45 minutes, more time was spent with the UK customs officers explaining the new XP pin pointer was not a Taser gun but a hand held metal detector, if anyone is travelling overseas with a detector it’s always worth bringing a magazine with you… it helps.
On the other side Dutch customs were a little more forgiving, at passport control the officer looked up and asked where I was going, I replied “I don’t know and if I did know I probably couldn’t pronounce it”. He gave me my passport back and waved me on my way.
Thankfully Mathijs was outside to collect me.

Who are DJ Laan ?

DJ Laan NL are a specialist metal detector shop owned and run by a father and son team, Dirk Jan  and Mathijs. The shop has been trading since 1980 and has a very large customer base.  I visited the shop in the beautiful town of Hippolytushoef,  and have to say I was very impressed with the attention to detail,  it was nice and spacious and well equipped with all makes of machines, artefact displays and metal detecting accessories. A real Aladdin’s cave for the detectorist.
Dirk Jan and Mathijs wanted to organise an event at the Schoonhoven in a town called  Hollandscheveld in the region of Hoogeveen, to say thank you to existing customers and welcome new prospective ones, which I thought was a very nice gesture.

The XP Marshall’s and organisers



The event was ticket only and limited to 250 people, behind the scenes Roy Hutters and his team worked very hard, Roy is a very good friend of the shop and respected member of the Dutch detecting world.
The tickets sold out very quickly even though it was a token hunt…which says a lot about the enthusiasm and loyalty of the Dutch detectorists.
The day started very early in the morning, it was a long drive to the event, the stands had to be set up and marshals needed to be briefed.
I have to say the event organisers and marshals did a fantastic job, everything went like clockwork, I know what stress it can be after recently co organising the XP rally.
DJ Laan’s stand was the main attraction in the hall which comprised of a bar and a very civilised restaurant area overlooking the lake and breath-taking scenery.
Mathijs and myself spent most of the morning talking to people about the new XP products, while Dad Dirk Jan talked to customers and took orders, it was a really busy event with lots of positive energy and high spirits.


Metal Detecting

The day consisted of a morning and afternoon token hunt, 500 tokens were buried.
Once found the tokens were exchanged for raffle tickets and then entered into  the main prize draw.
The first prize was an XP Deus.


I found the whole day very uplifting and overwhelmed by the amount of XP Deus users who attended, the comradery between the Dutch detectorists was something to behold.
DJ. Laan XP sponsored detecting day group picture.


The Dutch hospitality

Well what can I say about the Dutch hospitality, It was second to none, I really enjoyed their company, the Dutch are truly fantastic people and ambassadors for our hobby.

What are my thoughts about token hunts now ?

I’m converted !! Everyone enjoyed the event and it proved to me that metal detecting rallies are not just about finding the best treasure, they are about being a part of a thriving community, throw in some drink and good food and you have it made.,


The young man who won the first prize was congratulated by everyone, you could see by his face he was utterly speechless and in a state of shock.
I missed the other prizes because of my flight times and it was a 170Km drive back to Schiphol airport (Thanks again Mathijs).
I would like to thanks everyone who attended the event for your hospitality and for supporting our products. We are very much looking forward to next years event…..
Gary Blackwell

XP Deus team Romania latest trip report

This is the latest report from Michele and his XP team based in Romania.
As a result of our extensive research the RMA team (Romanian Military Archaeology) headed to the Moldavia region of northern Romania, where for several days we scanned forests and hills looking for intense area’s of WW I and WW II areas of occupation. Our research led us to believe that this mountain region had been the location of some heavy fighting during both world wars.
After days of searching we hit on a location, we knew the area was good because of the iron contamination, when we say iron contamination we do not mean small nails like you would expect on a Roman site, we had to deal with big chunks of iron.
Huge pieces flat plate from all kinds of trucks and heavy machinery possibly destroyed by intense artillery fire. With a lot of patience and work, we managed to extract some nice ferrous and non ferrous items from the iron covered ground.

This is indeed a time consuming task, many detectors would not function in such extreme conditions, that’s why the XP is our machine of choice.
We always use personalised Deus Fast programs that suit our search style, having a very light weight machine such as the Deus was a big help during our days in the mountains, our kit needed to be minimal because the Kilometres of hiking and climbing really tested the body and mind.
During our trip we were so lucky to experience some truly breathtaking scenery, we didn’t see another person for days, just us and our machines.

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful country surrounded by history dating back thousands of years.


Here are some pictures of our finds from the most recent RMA trip.
World War I and II relics

As you can see, not all Iron items are bad.

This military crest was in fantastic condition


Despite the iron contamination, most finds were recovered in really good condition.

The local archaeologist were very happy with our discoveries and they will soon be on display with artefacts from our other trips.


Thanks for reading our metal detecting story, the bad weather is approaching, we will report more for the XP Classroom Blog after the winter.

Goodbye from the RMA team, thanks XP – The Deus does it again !!

Michele from the RMA team

Thanks for the articles guys
Be sure to look out for the next RMA article when Michele and his team discover something really interesting in the mountains of Romania.

Salon de la detection metal detecting show Paris

It only feels like yesterday that we were at the very first Salon de la detection metal detecting show Paris.
Another year has passed already, it was a pleasure to meet up with old friends and meet some new ones along the way, the French hospitality never ceases to amaze me, I just wish I could talk the language a little better….Perhaps next time !
The show was filled with interesting trade stands, one that caught my eye was the Aldup stand, they had a fantastic display of models made from detecting junk.


I think this idea will catch on in the future, I think I have enough junk to make a full sized battleship.
Perhaps someone can hold a yearly competition.


The team from Maison de la detection and French detection put in 110% as usual, these guys really know how to put on a show.


One or two interesting characters dropped by for a picture.


As well as their stand they had a media area where people were interviewed for a new upcoming video.


The team from XP worked hard all weekend demonstrating the new products and talking with old and new customers.


The new HF (high frequency) coils, version 4 software and the pin pointer gathered a lot of interest.
The product will soon go through a field test period and release dates will be announced in the very near future. At the moment there are no prices for these products, the version 4 update will be free.


XP customers loved the lower stem mounted battery system for the HF coils, another new innovation !.


The Viking made a guest appearance….This guy gets everywhere, he was at the XP UK rally last month and we all enjoyed his company.

On behalf of everyone we would like to thank the team from Detection Passion for organising this fantastic event and for their kind hospitality.


We are very much looking forward to the next event.

Here is a short video of the Salon de la detection metal detecting show Paris .


The Detecting Scotland summer rally report

The Detecting Scotland summer rally this year was planned for many months and every “t” crossed and every “I” dotted including very kind sponsorship from XP Detectors, a country estate to host on, marquee booked, toilets booked, a local band sorted hired and even historical tour pre-arranged for early attendees?

What could go wrong? …….The weather !

With a little under 100 detectorists assembling at Ardkinglas Estate in Argyll from as far away as Nova Scotia and Estonia and having already done a 1 day test dig of the area which uncovered an 8th century gold insular mount, silver buckle and gold coin weight the omens were good!

The forecast was VERY strong winds overnight Friday and Saturday with persistent rain….
The staff assembled the smaller marquee and gazebo nevertheless and even the administrators bomb proof fishing tent in case all else failed!

By Saturday morning before the very first signal was dug there were already reports of near naked Scotsmen holding their tent down and chasing their possessions around! As well as various people sleeping in their car having arrived late/after the weather had turned!

The weather was so bad that with tents broken, spirits broken and no more dry clothes many had left by mid afternoon on the Saturday however those who remained were to be treated to being present when probably the most significant find ever made at a Scottish rally emerged to none other than Derek McLennan! Already infamous for his Viking horde find and English hammered silver hoard finds charting the English military’s march north!


By Sunday morning there were probably just under 40 detectorists left, most of whom were lucky enough to have got rooms in local hotels.

At around 5 pm I was manning the finds table with Stuart Campbell of the TTU when I got the radio call from Derek to say he may be delayed coming over to the hub area to help put the marquee up on its legs, the reason given that they had just found a Bronze Age axe hoard!! I asked him to cordon it off while I arranged for someone to drive Stuart down to the spot to allow proper excavation of the finds.


Little did Stuart realise when he came along to do some  “on the spot” recording and ID of finds he would get the opportunity to do some field archaeology! Albeit in probably the heaviest rain of the weekend!

The weather delayed the band and we decided that the pub would be a good place for live music and to catch up with what finds had been coming up as we already knew of the odd large hammered silver.


Sundays weather was much better with only occasional light showers.
Strangely with a lot less actual people detecting the finds rate increased quite a lot!

In addition to the three early BA axe heads (2000-2300BC)

Some of very nice hammered silver appeared:


Henry III/IV Groat
Henry VIII Groat
Charles I Shilling
Elizabeth I Half Groat
James II Groat
Edward I Penny

Countless other artefacts such as buckles, whorls, copper coinage and early milled silver including a Queen Anne Edinburgh mint 6d and even a solid gold whistle!! Who buys these??

While we were very happy with the finds that were unearthed and saved for future generations I now sit wondering if we had good weather and all detectorists on their game just what else we would have saved?


I’ve been asked more than a few times if we can go back and the simple answer is, YES we can!
We would like to thank the guys at XP for your kind support.
Grant Maxwell Detecting Scotland

The new XP products have been announced

We are proud to announce some new accessories and software for XP DEUS which will be available on the market in a few months. They were demonstrated at the XP European Rally in the UK which took place on the 17-18th of September, and also at the Exhibition for Metal Detection which will take place in Paris on the 8_9th of October 2016.

  • New ! Optional 22.5cm (9inch) search coil operating at high frequencies
  • New ! Optional ELLIPTICAL search coil operating at high frequencies.
  • New ! V4.0 software free to download.
  • New ! Software application Go Detect



The new XP Pinpointer known as the MI-6, will have the following innovative features:

– Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery

– Submersible up to 20 feet

–  Connection via radio link to the DEUS with the following advantages (patents pending):

  • The audio signal from the pin pointer is transmitted directly to the DEUS remote control and headphones.
  • Anti -Interference system between the MI-6 and the DEUS: The Deus switches to Standby mode when MI-6 is activated and comes back to ON when the MI-6 is switched off.
  • The Deus display will automatically switch to the MI-6 display when the MI-6 is switched on.
  • The MI-6 has a very long battery life – Up to 90 hours.
  • Research mode is accessed from the Deus V4 menu it recovers a lost MI-6.
    If you lose your MI-6, you can locate it even if it is switched off….even after several weeks the alarm will sound.
  • The Deus menu will have a full range of MI-6 adjustments giving the operator full control such as :

· 50 levels of Sensitivity

· Sound mode : Pitch or Bleep

· Audio Tone Adjustments.

· Pinpointing – target zoom graph

· Research Mode to locate a lost MI-6

· On screen Battery Level indication


New optional search coils: 22.5 high frequency & Elliptical HF



  • These 2 new optional coils are specialized for hunting small targets in mineralized ground, they will the Deus search coil range.
  • They will operate on 3 higher frequencies 15 KHZ, 30 KHZ or 55 KHZ far more efficient when searching for gold.
  • All coils will be supplied with a lithium battery with a higher capacity. The new battery is integrated into the lower stem tube and offer a longer battery life, which is especially useful when searching remote area’s with no available charging facilities.


These latest additions can be found in the V 4.0 software:

  • Compatibility with MI-6 Pinpointer.
  • Compatibility with the 2 new optional high frequency search coils (15, 30 or 55 kHz).
  • Improved mineralization rejection.
  • Reactivity level 3 is more efficient.
  • A more versatile Reactivity level of 2.5.
  • Advanced Reactivity levels for program N°10 GOLDFIELD.
  • Improved identification on large iron targets.
  • Better ground tracking, now independent to the current Reactivity level.
  • Tones can be adjusted to reach 1000 Hz.
  • Target ID Normalization feature is now incorporated into the headphones.
  • Go Detect app for smartphones is now compatible with the Deus, featuring a tracking display, user target information and their GPS coordinates.

As you know the DEUS uses highly advanced technology, which in turn offers high levels of performance. These new accessories and software updates will once again take the Deus to a new level.

The Deus technology is very different to many other products available on todays market. However due to the technical aspects involved, time is needed to research and develop our products in order to maintain our very high standards.

A test phase will take place in October and November 2016, and then, we will be able to announce a launch date.

We would like to say thank you for your patience and for supporting XP!


Q: Should I wait for the new version 4.0 to be released before I buy a DEUS? I have been told there are changes to the electronic components. Will my current DEUS – coil-remote control-headphones be compatible with this next version or do I need to change them?

A : No the product hardware will be the same, the new V4.0 update is software only and will be downloadable for free,  it will work with all previous DEUS! The original coils, headphones and remote control will work with the new version 4.0 update, although some new menu features will not be accessible unless the new accessories are connected.

Q: Will I have to move my DEUS to V4.0?

A: It is your choice, you can stay in version 2.0 or 3.2 if you want, but the Version 4.0 will be necessary to connect and run the new HF optional coil and Pinpointer.

Q : Can I use the XP MI-6 Pinpointer even if don’t own a DEUS?

A: Yes of course, the MI-6 can work alone like a traditional Pinpointer thanks to its speaker, vibrator, LED, 6 programs, 3 sensitivity levels, 2 audio modes.

Q: How do I make the Pinpointer communicate wirelessly with the DEUS ?

A: This is a simple process – Choose program number 7 on the Pinpointer, the speaker will then be disabled and the sound will be send automatically to the DEUS Remote or headphones. Also the pin pointer has a dedicated menu which appears instantaneously on the Deus remote display when it is in operation.
The operator can make a full range of adjustments to the pin pointers sound and operation from the Deus remote.

Q: Are there any other XP accessories to be released soon?

A: Nothing else is planned at the moment.
The optional Hoard Hunter 2 box system for the DEUS is currently delayed.


To be continued…

Gold coin at the Compton Rally

Congratulations to Wayne Mexom had a wonderful Gold coin at the Compton Metal Detecting Rally this weekend.

3-compton 1

It is a fantastic Verica Gold stater.

1-compon 3

King Verica, ruler of the Atrebates tribe of southern England, circa 10 – 40 AD.

Verica was one of the most powerful Celtic Kings of Late Iron Age Britain. He took control of the Atrebates tribe sometime around the early 1st century AD and governed a large part of Southern England. He was second only in influence to the famous Cunobelinus.

2-compton 2

Wayne found this fantastic coin working a badly iron contaminated area with his XP Deus.

Gold hat jewel found with the XP Deus

Lisa Grace used her Deus and 13″ coil to find this beautiful late 15th century hat jewel, dating to the Wars of the Roses (1455 – 1485).


Lisa commented ‘I had been detecting in lines, very slowly, and was on my sixth line, although I had yet to find anything of note. I started on my way again, nothing… nothing… for some reason I swung the coil out just a little further than normal and caught a ‘ping’ on the end of it. Not just any ping, but a really sweet sound!  I removed a small spadeful of earth and as I crouched down I saw a golden edge in a curving shape. Then, a piece of the clod broke away and I saw the most amazing purple jewel in the centre and a golden chain hanging from a twisted gold border.’

 Gold 15c hat jewel

The Jewel is gold, set with a faceted amethyst and its design features the ‘Sun in Splendour’ motif, which King Edward IV adopted as his personal badge after his victory at the Battle of Mortimers Cross in 1461.

Musee Calvet

Musee Calvet

As dawn broke on the day of the battle, three suns appeared in the morning sky.  This was due to a rare meteorological phenomenon, called a Parhelion, caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere.  The Yorkist troops, led by Edward, then Earl of March, were at first frightened by this but Edward soon turned it to his own advantage. He told his men this was a sign from God, representing the Holy Trinity, and was proof that God would lead them to victory.  The Yorkists were victorious that day and Edward was proclaimed King a month later, after which he adopted the ‘Sunne in Splendour’ as his personal emblem. The badge would have originally had three pearls (for the holy trinity) hanging from the droppers but these have not survived. 


The rare jewel found with the XP Deus is currently at the British Museum, making its way through the treasure process and has been featured in ‘Lincolnshire Life’ magazine (‘Lincolnshire’s Lost Jewel’) and the PAS book ’50 Finds from Lincolnshire’.

2 Gold coins for Deus users

Two luycky XP Deus users attended a charity metal detecting event with the southern detectorists on some 200 acres of pasture land which was heavily contaminated with iron, search conditions were perfect for the Deus. The Deus is second to none when it comes down to picking out ancient coins from in between iron.

I chose to use ( Gary’s ) hot program and a friend of mine Craig Williamson used his Deus in Deus fast ( program 3 ).
There were lots of people on the dig you could see by the finds XP users were recording that the Deus was the king.


We were both very lucky as I found my first gold hammered coin of King James 1st ( gold double crown ) and Craig found his first gold hammered coin of King Edward 111 ( quarter noble )


Everyone could see the Deus was in a class of it’s own, it easily picked out the good targets from amongst the Iron.

The Hot program

Load up the Deus fast program….Change
Discrimination…..between 0 and 5, if you have problems identifying differences between low tones use disc 5 and dig every repeatable tone
Tones….Full tones
Iron Vol…..0
Audio response….3-4
Don’t be afraid to use a discrimination of 3 – 5 until you get used to the audio feedback.
*Discrimination notes : Disc 0 will accept all the ground noise as a baseline, this is good if you want to hear ground changes. Disc 1 will eliminate ground noise and only accept Iron as a baseline.