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3 Trips by the CZ connoisseur a regular poster on the Findmall Forum

Trip 1 : Searching the rental house the 9″ coil gets it done !!

Got back to the old neighborhood a couple days back and started at a bungalow type house built in the 1920s. One of the first coins to come up was a bent 1926 Wheat, but that was to be the only old coin from that house.  I went around to the backyard to find three Showbiz tokens stacked in the same hole! Too bad they weren’t silver quarters….

After that we found a rental not far from there built in the early 1940s, but this place was also very trashy. The older coins it seemed were 4-5″ deep tangled in the roots, but most of them turned out to be Wheats.
We didn’t stay long at this place since the weather was getting windier and colder. We pulled 4 Wheats on Sunday, and ended the 4-coin silver streak that day as well.

On the Monday I had to drive back to CO again, but decided to see ifmy buddy Gerald wanted to hunt. I didn’t have anything lined up except what Dad and I had hunted the previous day. I had a lead on two rentals, but my information was old and it turned out one of the properties had already been rented. We drove on to where Dad and I had left off, and after about an hour of fairly thorough hunting with only a couple Wheats a piece to show for our efforts…we decided to find another spot…but where?


We drove over a couple of blocks to the old neighborhood I’d lived in for almost four years – this neighborhood is a postwar development which almost every house I ever hunted held at least one silver coin! Gerald and I found two houses side-by-side and we commenced to swinging. I started on one end of the yard, and noticed signals were few and far between. After digging two or three pieces of junk, I locked on to a 71-72 signal (4kHz) which sounded very close to the surface. A minute later I had found a shallow Wheat, and rescanned the hole to find another one inches away. Was on the right track! But signals were just sparse – I wondered at one point if the Deus was working OK, I wasn’t even getting that many trash signals.

Walked onto the curb strip and got a 79-81 reading which jumped around a bit. My car was parked a couple feet away, and I was getting falsing from it, but I knew there was a shallow coin there as well. Was very surprised to see a reeded silver edge and the first silver of the day pops up – a 1917 Merc!


Not thirty feet down the strip I got another 79-81 signal, and from a shallow 3″ out came a 1956 Rosie! Gerald rounded the corner and I showed him the coins, and he was getting worried that the Ol Skunk may pay him a visit today! But I had complete faith in him – shortly thereafter he finds a silver quarter at around 5″ down…like there was even any doubt, right?!

Made my way around the other side of the house, and got a 76-78 signal in both directions, we both called it a silver dime and it was…a 1963 Rosie. I kept getting these “72” readings on the Deus, which in 4 kHz means a copper penny. I must have passed over a few of these before I decided to dig one – and it turned out to be a 1950s Wheat! I quickly had to backtrack and find all of those “72s” again – about half were Memorials while the other half were later-date 1940s and 1950s Wheats. I just can’t seem to leave a Wheat in the ground, and when I pass things over, I ALWAYS regret it – that’s why I dig almost all targets!


I remember getting a solid “64” indication, and this one turned out to be a 1917 D Wheat. Many times those early brassy Wheat cents can indicate like zinc cents, and seeing that green disc in the hole is always rewarding! Still waiting on my 1914 D Wheat (it will come one day!) Ten feet away I got a high 70s hit, and this one was the last silver of the day, a 1953 Rosie.

Between the two of us, we didn’t leave much at that place, and the ground had a lot of clay which I think helped keep the older drops fairly shallow. I didn’t dig a coin at this place deeper than 5″. I had seen this happen at other Memphis locations where the house is on a small hilltop and the targets just aren’t that deep. In contrast I’ve also hunted lower-lying houses where some coins made it to 8″ and deeper….


The 9″ coil performed flawlessly, and I can’t see much difference if any vs the 11″ Deus coil besides the obvious greater coverage area. Now that the days are longer, it’s only a matter of time until I get back to “Deep Coin Park”

Trip 2 :  The 9″ coil did good again today

I Had time for a short hunt today – I decided to try out an old park not far from home – the same park that I found so many deep coins late last year.
Upon getting there I saw another detectorist using a White’s V3i, and casually made my way over to him, Introduced myself and asked how the “hunt” was going – he had found a single Wheat in another corner of the park, but nothing in an hour or so. Showed him the Deus, and a few of the controls, but he was like me – his time was valuable and was most interested in finding coins rather than talking! I of course respected that and began hunting.

Used my goto 4kHz setup – one thing I’ve noticed with air testing is that the maximum depth difference between Reactivity 1 and 2 is less than an inch on penny/dime sized coins. With the 11″ coil there was more of a difference, but I decided to leave it in Reactivity 2 for the faster processing. It was a very open program:

Sens 85
Disc 2.0
Reactivity 2
Silencer 0
Audio Response 4
Full Tones
Notch 00-10, 97-99
Manual GB 85 (Pumping in three different places = 86)
Notch ground 86-89

Some people have stated, “Why don’t you run Disc at 0 if you’re notching 00-10 anyway?” I haven’t tried Disc = 0 but I’ve found that for picking out the smooth, deep signals it seems best to run SLIGHT signal filtering to help with small surface foil (and some deeper foil too), as well as deep iron ID. I have nothing scientific to back this up, but it seems that running Silencer 0 vs -1 helps just a tad with deep iron, and running GB close to neutral (plus or minus 1 in either direction) also helps with tiny foil and iron targets. I never run Sensitivity beyond 85 – always stays between 80-85 not matter what – since too much transmit power can cause falsing.

I still end up digging plenty of foil and iron, but when I get over a deep coin (beyond 8″) there’s something a little extra in the audio that puts a smile on my face! Cross-checking 90 degrees usually confirms a coin (not always LOL), and these deep ones almost never give VDI.


The first coin dug was a 9″ Wheat dated 1918 D – back in the groove for sure! I actually got VDI from this one, 89-91; and there wasn’t any crackling whatsoever – just a smooth faint hit. Went on to get a 40-51 indication, not quite as faint but deep enough to NOT lock on…was happy to pull a Buffalo nickel but MUCH HAPPIER when I noticed it was a Type 1 WITH a mintmark! Looks like a 1913 D T1 Buffalo which is a semi-key date – the park doesn’t fail to impress – I’ve never hunted an area that gives up so many mintmarked 1910-1920 era coins!

Found some shallow iron targets – it’s always good to get those out of the way since oftentimes there are deeper coins underneath (not today though!) Last coin was a confident non-VDI hit and from about 8″ down comes a nice 1911 Wheat – I’ve absolutely trampled this tiny 50-foot square corner of the park and still pull coins – with the 9″ coil able to reach that deep I’m sure there are some bigger and better goodies just waiting to be found

Trip 3…No April fooley on this hunt !!!

We finally had a decent day where the snow wasn’t blowing, settled, or otherwise blocking the way to get to a good local spot where older coins seem to congregate! I hunted this park on Monday and found a couple of older Wheats and a nice Type 1 Buffalo nickel, and for the last couple days I’ve been jonesing to get back out there!

Today I picked up in the same 50-foot box where I keep getting faint targets…many of them turn out to be keepers! I ran Disc = 0 today to see if it helped with any of the foil – didn’t see any difference in performance one way or another. First target sounded good and indicated 89-91 VDI un 4khz – at the 7″ mark out came a 1934D Wheat…a little newer than usual but still on the right track – that just proved that I didn’t have the coil over that spot before!

Went on for a while and dug some foil at various places, then finally got over a sweet-sounding “86” that sounded like a deep silver quarter! I got excited but that quickly waned when it turned out to be a pulltab at 5″….re-ground balanced and not 2 feet away I got a faint high-toned hit. Looking at the “horseshoe”, it indicated non-ferrous (right side) about 1/3 of it was shaded. In my experience, this indicates a coin-sized (dime or penny sized) target at about 6″. At about 7″ down out came a pretty sharp 1893 Indian that cleaned up rather well.

Running Disc = 0 didn’t seem to affect the operation of the “horseshoe”, even for the deeper, tougher targets. Every time I got one of those soft, rolling hits the horseshoe indicated “non-ferrous” – the 1902 Barber Dime was at 8″ and it indicated about 1/6 shaded right side. Didn’t dig ANY IRON today, but when I want to go after those 10″ coins and beyond, I’m sure more will show itself. For now I’m going to leave Disc = 0 – I don’t see anything adverse from running it like this, and when I changed over to an adjacent 8 kHz program (zero Notch, zero Disc) there was no difference in the horseshoe operation that I could tell.

Deepest coin of the day was found right at the end of the hunt, maybe 15 feet from the Barber dime – a 1912 Wheat. I didn’t check the target in other programs since it was getting dark – once I saw it was a Wheat I headed for the car – lunch was a long time ago and I was famished!

Will be getting back there Monday – the weather is supposed to warm up and be ideal for getting at those deep ones!

Many thanks CZ connoisseur for sharing your adventures and a special thanks to the guys at Findmall Finds Treasure Forums for allowing us to share the posts.
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Finding treasure at 74 years old

Finding Gold coins with an XP metal detector is beyond most peoples dreams.
One rainy day in October Philip Jones had his prayers answered….He only had a few hours spare in the morning , as he had a doctors appointment in the afternoon.
Taking advantage of his limited time he decided to visit a local field in West Norfolk.

Philip jones finds treasure with an xp metal detector
The field was on the top of a hill with a Roman villa a few kilometres away. The farmer had just removed the potato crop so Phil was looking forward to searching it again, the sandy soil was easy to dig but the recent rain made quite a challenge .
He arrived at the field and decided to wait for the rain to stop, the clouds were clearing. Looking across the field he could see a rainbow which made him smile as it seemed to cross his intended search area .
What happened next was unbelievable !
Read the full article on and more XP success stories here.
XP Success Stories

XP Deus Sifter Program

From Sledge-Hammer to Violin

It never ceases to impress me how we are constantly finding out more and more about this machine.
Ever since the Version 3 was released my HOT program has always been my “Go To” setting, I like the way it feeds information, keeping me constantly updated.

One of my local permissions has a busy patch, the dark area can be seen from aerial photographs, its footprint is about the size of a double garage. I have found some interesting Roman Bronze coins there in the past, this small patch has always been a challenge due to the heavy iron contamination, for some reason I always get drawn back to it despite the field being huge.
The land is due to be ploughed any day so I decided to give it a last try, just a quick grid from all directions using the HOT settings to put me in the weekend mood, nothing came up, the only audible sounds was from Iron.
Rather than search other parts of the field I thought that experimenting with some settings would be time well spent.

I wanted to tweak the Deus for my conditions and get between the iron, was there a better alternative to the HOT program I knew and trusted ?


In a nutshell I think I have really learned something today, by De-Tuning the Deus, it made the iron sound less prominent and enhanced the sound of the non ferrous targets, resulting in half a dozen finds from my worked out patch. Don’t get me wrong there was nothing spectacular found, just a small Roman and de based silver something. By experimenting with the settings proved that small adjustments certainly changed the machines characteristics.

Firstly I dropped the ground balance down slightly, this unsettled the machine even more, to compensate I lowered the TX gain from 2 to 1, I could tell instantly something had changed.
My next adjustment was the Sensitivity, from 90 down to 86, this really softened the feedback from the ground and iron, perhaps a little too much. To compensate I raised the Audio Resonse up a notch from 3 to 4.


These settings transformed the Deus from a sledge-hammer to a violin, by de-tuning, the sounds from non ferrous targets were easier to distinguish and made working the iron a real pleasure, even with the 11″ coil.

I dug a couple of larger targets a pice of lead and a de based silver coin at a reasonable depth, the other targets were all within the 4″ range.

I have called it the XP Deus Sifter program
Load up Deus Fast program #3 and Change :

Iron Volume – 0
Discrimination – 0
Tones – Full Tone
TX Gain – 1
Sensitivity – 86
Audio Resonse – 4

3 Silvers with the XP ADX 150

What a fantastic session, the little XP ADX 150 has really made my afternoon, there’s just something special about detecting with un complicated machines, they are like little terriers eager to reward their master.
I got a call from a friend who has just lost a Gold Wedding Ring in her small horse paddock, upon my arrival she greeted me with an embarrassed look and then went on to explain she found the ring next to the sink in the workshop. As I had already made the trip I asked if it was OK to detect on her land for a few hours, she could hardly say no, but you still have to ask.

I only had a machine probe, spade cheap camera with me and no other kit such as wireless headphones, finds pouch and trowel as my original intention was to look for a wedding ring.


I thought it would be a good idea to write a very short XP ADX 150 review
Switch on…wait for the second set of bleeps to tell me the machine was ready, switch the discrimination out of the ALL Metal “click” and search. From switch on to detect…. 6 seconds.


This machine was an absolute dream to use, it ran so silent even at maximum sensitivity, with only the odd chip from large iron.
The discrimination setting needs no skills either, simply switch it out of all metal and leave it on its lowest setting, it takes care of iron without any fuss.


The silent detecting in the sunlight was tranquil, just me and Bella the horse, I could even hear the church bells in the distance chiming away, at that point I really didnt care if I got any targets or not, it’s just being out in the fresh air that can sometimes make you feel glad to be alive.
I don’t know what it was but everything just felt right, the machine, the temperature, the peace and quiet, I just knew for some reason good things were going to happen.


My first signal was a sweet sounding zing, repeatable from every direction, 6″ down the probe sounded off and a nice musket ball appeared. Then only a few minutes later at  8″ deep, a Silver milled coin saw the light of day after many years of slumber, once again a perfect sound at very respectable depths.

Dig sequence XP ADX 150

The action came thick and fast, this little machine was dancing from one target to another, I’m sure if it could talk it would be saying “again” “again” “again”.
Overall I had about 20 targets in 2 hours, some shotgun cartridges and foil which were not worth photographing.


My 3 Silvers were just the cherry on the cake, this really is a deep machine, how deep will it go with the bigger after market coils I ask myself ?


Todays walk about with the XP ADX 150 will stay in my memory for a long time, I was even treated to an overhead aerobatic display with 2 bi planes.
Would I class it as a beginners machine…YES, but as I was detecting I began to realise there’s another dimension to simple machines. The ADX 150 is also a high performing professional machine, for professionals who don’t want lots of fuss and adjustments. I know it’s an old saying but sometimes to go forward you need to go back a step first.


If the XP ADX 150 could give me this level of success every time I went out, it would be my only machine.

Here is a short video showing the sweet audio and great performance

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Make a custom XP pin point program

Here is another quick XP Deus tip

You can make your own dynamic pin point program in seconds
Load up the Deus Fast program (no3)
Change :
Sensitivity : 75
Discrimination: 0
Tone: Pitch
Reactivity: 5

Thats it ! your XP Deus now has a custom pin point program !

Now go to > Configuration > Programs and save it next to your favourite search program….name it Pin Point, now you can switch between the 2 programs by simply pressing the + or – keys.

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XP Metal Detectors USA

XP Metal Detectors are becoming a really big name in the USA, the Deus has quickly earned the respect it deserves from the American relic hunter, they have seen the way XP has conquered so many countries in such a short time, most of Europe can’t be wrong.
If you’re not using an XP….it’s time to pay attention.

Interview with the guys from XP America’s
Earlier I talked on Skype and said hi to their great team who work very hard behind the scenes, we talked about metal detecting in the US.
It was clear to see these guy have great enthusiasm, passion for the hobby and very much respected amongst the US metal detecting community.
I wanted to congratulate them on the XP America’s website…. it really impressed me, it is packed full of information and very easy to navigate which is hard to find these days.
The XP America’s web site answers all of you Deus questions
If you are a civil war relic hunter, nugget hunter, shallow water hunter, beach or park hunter this web site will answer all of your XP questions and find a detecting package to suit your needs.

XP Americas

We talked about the XP Deus and how quickly it has become the new “Go to” detector and the machine of choice for many seasoned hunters out in the US.
They went on to say they are having a constant stream of dealer requests, XP is going from strength to strength despite very strong competition from other brands.

“At first US detectorists were a little wary of the new kid on the block, but having seen the success of the XP in other countries, we knew XP was worth backing”

During our interview we talked about how different metal detecting in the US was so different to Europe, however the US detectorists very quickly picked up on the Deus format and began to understand its language, with the availability of excellent video’s and hands on tuition by people like Andy Sabisch some fantastic finds are being reported from Deus users.
XP Warranty repairs
XP Americas confirmed XP warranty repairs were cariied out in the US and were very rare, customer service had an excellent customer feedback rating.
Hopefully very soon I will be visiting the US to try some detecting myself, I’m really looking forward to meeting some new friends, I’m sure it’s going to be an education.
Special deal
XP Americas have just announced an XP starter pack, designed as an entry-level high performance introduction into the world of the XP Deus. Im sure it will be a great success !

XP Americas are proud to offer the new 2016 XP Starter bundle from only $799
XP americas starter bundle 2

The XP Americas web site is packed with helpful information and user reviews, I will be a regular visitor from now on. The team are waiting for your call and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
Here are some real finds made by XP Deus users in the United States
US Deus finds


Find out more and become a part of the XP community by visiting the XP America’s website

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The XP Deus Ws4 and Ws5 technical information

The XP Deus Ws4 offers so much for so little……. 4, 5, 6, even 10 detectors in 1 tiny package

All covered with a 5 year warranty… Don’t be fooled by the size of this machine, there is a lot going on in that small control box !

Is the Deus Ws4 a Deus Lite ?
Yes the Deus Ws4 or Ws5 is often referred to as the Deus Lite, the Deus Ws4 is the Deus and Ws4 headphones, the Deus Ws5 is the Deus with Ws5 headphones.

Is the XP Deus Ws4 / Ws5 suitable for beginners ?
Yes it’s easy…If you are new to detecting you can simply switch on select factory program 1 and detect, that’s all you need to do, then in time you can explore the true workings of the Deus and unlock the cutting edge technology XP have spent years perfecting.

What machines do you get inside a Deus Ws4 / Ws5 ?
At a quick glance you get :
1. A 4Khz machine.
2. An 8 Khz machine.
3. A 12Khz machine.
4. An 18Khz machine.
5. A fast recovery machine.
6. A slow recovery machine.
7. A single tone machine.
8. A multi tone machine.
9. A beach machine.
10. A nugget hunting machine.

Wireless technology
The Deus uses XP’s own patented wireless technology, connectivity between the search coil, controller and the headphones is seamless and lightning fast using the 36 automatic channels available.

Search coil technology
The 9” carbon fibre impregnated search coil weighs just 340gms and hosts 4 frequency options, 4, 8, 12 or 18Khz, all accessed with a simple press of button.
Three coils are available 13” x 11”, 11”, and 9”… coil changes can be made in less than 10 seconds.
The search coils can be used underwater with the optional antenna system fitted.

All the battery’s -controller – headphones – search coil are the same :630mA/h
Each High Capacity rechargeable Lipo battery offers 15 hours search coil use from just a 3 hour charge and, up to 27 hours headphone use from just a 3 hour charge.
The Ws4 and Ws5 headphones have a battery level indicator on the display showing the coil and headphone battery situation, you can see them flashing alternately.
Charged by a mains charger, car charger, solar charger or external battery charger.
Ws4 and Ws5 Headphones specifications
Headphone weight ….Ws4 : 86gms, Ws5 : 255gms
Shower proof construction


The Deus Ws4 / Ws5 include a wide range of user adjustments such as :
4 Frequencies
Ground Balance
Choice of 1 – 5 audio tones plus, VCO Pitch and Full Tone option.
10 Factory Programs plus empty slots for user custom programs.
LCD target identification
Volume control
Coil change menu
Battery level indicator.


What extra options does the Deus controller offer.
An expert menu to some functions including tone adjustments and Notch feature.
A Frequency shift option
Various all metal search options including pin point feature
Software update menu
Enhanced ground balance features
Bigger LCD read out including mineralization meter and ferrous non ferrous display

Making custom programs
Although the Deus Ws4 / Ws5 has no Expert menu you can make custom adjustments from the Expert menu such as Silencer and Reactivity using factory pre set programs as a starting point.
For example the 2 GM Power factory program uses a silencer of 2 and a reactivity of 2.
The 3 Deus Fast factory program uses a silencer of -1 and a reactivity of 3, so you can use a pre set factory program as a starting platform to make your own custom programs.

Saving custom Programs
You easily can save custom programs into the spare memory slots within the Ws4 or Ws5 internal memory.

Ws4 options
*Note : The Ws5 does not have a detachable module.

The Ws4 module can be detached from the headphone band to accommodate the fantastic range of XP accessories which include :
Ws4 Stem adaptor plate, allows the Ws4 module to attach to the stem.
Ws4 Waterproof pouch, this keeps the Ws4 module clean and dry
Ws4 Wristband, this secures the Ws4 module to your wrist, just like a watch.
The Ws4 Adaptor plate is required to accommodate accessories, now the XP lightweight wired back phones can be used.

All this technology is mounted onto the world-famous XP patented telescopic “S” stem which quickly folds away to only 58cm.

The complete package with 9” coil only weighs 800gms.

My coil flashes even when my machine turned is off
This is quite normal, the coil is now in stand by mode, the battery can last a long time when in sleep mode.

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The new official XP facebook page is now live

The new XP Metal Detectors Facebook page is now live.

Already we have received over 3700 hits in the first 2 days, so please drop by and say hi, it will be great to see you.

facebook page

The Official XP Metal Detectors Facebook Link

We have lots of XP information and video’s…..Plus some competitions planned for 2016, you can view our Facebook and live Twitter feeds at the bottom of every page.

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XP Competition winners

We have three lucky xp competition winners.

short-cross-legends-gerry-slevinWinners must reply within 14 days of the congratulations e mail

First Prize The shortcross legends book by Gerry Slevin goes to Lawrie Sharp


Free_xp_cap Free_XP Poloshirt_Black

Second Prize XP shirt and baseball cap goes to Andrew Mawdsley


Third Prize x2  XP baseball caps goes to  Francis Drum

E mails sent to winners 16th Dec 2015, thanks for contributing.
Winners must reply within 14 days of the congratulations e mail

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The XP ADX 150

The XP ADX 150 Coin and Relic Metal Detector

From the first moment you pick up an XP detector you will find it easy to handle and use, all XP’s have been designed with the user in mind and the ADX 150 is no different.
Experienced detectorists or novice’s will instantly see the benefits of this machine, I have used an ADX 150 many times and always come away with a feeling of great satisfaction and reward.
I really like the basic settings for easy and quick trouble-free detecting.

How do you know this machine is quality ?…..Just look at the badge, the words XP are all you need to know.

The operating frequency of the ADX 150 is 4.6 Khz, which makes it ideal for Relic and Coin hunting, plus the added advantage of changing search coils to obtain some very impressive depths when searching for specific large targets such as hoards and military items.


The Signal clarity of the ADX 150 is what really appealed to me it is very clear and precise, especially with the recommended wireless WS1 and WS3 headphones, the ADX 150 is what I call an honest machine, the user is in full control all the time, no meters to look at, your ears tell you what to dig and it really is effortless to understand and use.


The big coil 18″ x 15″ is very popular for hunting deep targets, it offers fantastic ground coverage and a must if you’re looking for deep treasure.
By using a larger size coil you can detect deeper & possibly find older targets. A larger coil will help you search a large area in less time.
A large coil should be used after searching the area with the standard coil.


Beginners will really like the XP ADX 150 as it has no added complications or long learning curves… simply switch on, set your iron rejection level and search.


The XP ADX 150 Features

  • Compatible with the XP wireless headphone WS1 and WS3!
  • Wide Scan waterproof double D, 22.5 cm removable search coil, with a choice of several other coils available.
  • Very tough cable, designed to resist to movements constraints.
  • Light and robust ABS electronic box which can quickly be removed . The box is fixed under the armrest, for a maximum comfort it can also be hip mounted ( Hipmount bag included).
  • Light detector and perfectly balanced.
  • Robust armrest to suit any size arm as it’s flexible.
  • Now provided with the new patented ergonomic “S TELESCOPIC” Stem as used on the Deus range, solid coil mount will not flop with bigger coils like some machines.
  • Lower stem is lightweight tough glass fibre construction.Technical details
    • Operating Frequency : 4,6 Khz, perfect for coin and relic
    • Fully adjustable Sensitivity and Discrimination.
    • All metal: Motion.
    • Power: 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA.
    • Battery life: alkaline: 50 Hours.
    • Low battery alert.
    • Optional:  XP wireless headphone kit and batter charger.

      Price £349.00

      Ask your local dealer for an XP ADX 150 demonstration

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XP official home page

XP Metal Detectors 8 rue du développement, ZI de VIC31320 CASTANET-TOLOSAN FRANCE.

XP Deus Facebook Page XP metal detectors you-tube google-plus twitter-logo