XP Deus Advanced settings


xp advanced settings

Throughout this masterclass you will see several extracts from the XP manual and their process explained, this is to help, non XP owners and those who do not like manuals get a better picture of this fantastic metal detector and it’s functions.
xp-deus-understanding-the-expert-menuUnderstanding the expert menu xp-deus-tonesUnderstanding the tones xp-deus-frequencies-explainedFrequencies explained
xp-deus-ground-balanceGround balance explained xp-deus-configuration-options Options menu explained xp-deus-saving-new-programsSaving new user programs
xp-deus-accepting-new-coilsPairing new coils xp-deus-all-metal-and-pin-pointAll metal / pin point menu xp-deus-factory-updatesHow to update your Deus
xp-deus-charging-and-battery-careCharging and battery care xp-deus-factory-parts-listFactory parts lists

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