Understanding the XP Deus tones


The XP Deus has several tone options, ranging from single tone to Full Tones

xp deus tones menu tree2 – 5 tones
These are self explanatory, they can be adjusted using the tone grid where as you can see above you have a choice of parameters.
To make things easier lets call them tone pitch and tone break point.

Tone pitch
The tone pitch allocates a sound pitch to each parameter, here we are using 4 tones so there are 4 parameters, the iron tone will always be the top parameter and the lowest number.

Tone break point
The break point adjusts the point where one tone becomes another depending on target conductivity (meter reading).
By using the arrow keys combined with the + and – keys you can navigate the tone grid and assign your own pitch and break point.

*Note : The Deus can operate in 1 tone, simply assign a 2 tone setting and turn the iron volume down to zero, now you will only hear the non ferrous tone depending on your discrimination level.

Full Tones (Version 3x)
Full tone automatically assigns a tone pitch depending on conductivity, this mode uses 99 tones but they all blend into a smooth informative sound. iron is a very low harmonic, high conductors give a high-pitched harmonic.
*Note : Full tones can be used with no or very little discrimination as the operator can get maximum audio information.

Pitch uses a VCO audio (voltage controlled oscillator) the single tone can be adjusted to suit your preference, the audio signal is based on target intensity and id very good for identifying deep or small targets with a low grumble…Large targets or big iron give a very intense sound.