XP Deus all metal pin point menu


The XP Deus pin point menu serves different purposes, when the pin point button is pressed, pin point is the first option.
In the bottom left of the screen you will see the MODE option, select this to enter the all metal menu.
Keep pressing the mode button to scroll through the options, use the arrow keys and + – buttons to adjust.

It is vital that you obtain an exact ground balance when using all metal modes, if the machine drifts, use the pin point button to re set the threshold.
All metal modes

Non motion audio disc

This will give a high audio tone for good targets and a low audio tone for ferrous, can be used for general searching on mineralized or quiet ground.
Non motion AM
A true All Metal feature, uses a single tone and will detect all metals, this will also detect anomaly’s in ground minerals plus some ceramics and roofing tiles.
Non motion disc
discrimination with single tone, Ideal for searching cellars or inside walls, not to be used on soil as there is no ground balance feature.
The all metal modes may require constant tuning due to outside temperatures causing signal drift, all metal modes are really for specialist searching and very rarely used in the UK.
The set up procedure

The NON MOTION modes do not require movement of the search head in order to locate a target.

More experienced users prefer these modes as they offer a greater detection depth when hunting for larger objects, and are better suited to places where it is difficult or impossible to move the coil , in uneven terrain, narrow spaces, rocky areas, between bushes, hard to reach spots.

The experienced user can evaluate the target size, from the length of audio signal.

1. Before selecting a NON MOTION mode, the user must G.B on a motion mode first.

Select one with a low frequency at least not the 17 Khz as it is very sensitive to minerals.

GB in the MOTION mode…You can use Manual, Pumping or Auto depending upon your preference.

2. Raise the coil about 25 cm above ground surface far away from any metal, buried or on the surface and press the PINPOINT key.

( otherwise a loss of depth and erratic GB tuning will occur in NON MOTION ). Then use the MODE button and scroll through the NON MOTION modes.

The NON MOTION AUDIO gives a high pitch for good targets, with the bar showing to the right, and bar showing to the left with low pitched tone for iron, NON MOTION AM gives all targets the same audio tone and bar pointing to the right. Be aware NON MOTION DISC does not work for ground searching due to the lack of G.B. and is only suitable for searching walls of buildings a ceilings.

3. Still with the coil 25 cm above the ground, parallel to your body, use the menu key to highlight G.B on the screen.

I generally leave the threshold at 0…and will generate a threshold sound by properly setting the G.B value, also to start with leave the Sensitivity at 95, or reduce it a little if audio interference is a problem.

The G.B value seen on the display will be the one required from G.B on MOTION mode, but it might need a little correction…

4 lower the coil to the ground in a few different spots to make sure you have an average setting.
You may notice that a broken threshold sound is heard.  This means no further setting of the G.B is required, and you can proceed to searching.Lower the coil again as before if you hear a continuous threshold…. That means you have to raise the coil about 25 cm above the ground, parallel, and progressively reduce G.B, as you lower the coil again to the ground surface.

If a loud sound is still heard raise coil again and reduce the G.B, as you lower the coil back to the ground, here and there… and repeat until a broken threshold sound is heard when coil is lowered.

If you lower the coil as before, and you notice that no threshold sound is heard…..This means you have to raise the coil about 25 cm above the ground, parallel, and progressively increase G.B, when lowering the coil again to the ground.

If no sound is heard raise coil again and increase G.B, then lower coil back to the ground, and repeat until a broken threshold sound is heard when coil is lowered.

**A broken threshold is the point between the audio going high and the audio falling off as the coil approaches the ground.

5. Periodically every 3-4 minutes, during searching, raise the coil 25 cm above the ground and reset the detector by pressing the PINPOINT key.

This must be done with the coil far away from metal.

This resetting procedure resets a drifting coil sound.

If when you lower the coil back to the ground after resetting the threshold and it is not restored, or it is too loud, this means you have to go back and adjust the GB again, as explained in steps 4.



When pressing any key in NON MOTION mode, the coil must be 25 cm above the ground and far from any metal, even your shoes, check your shoes for metal before doing a G.B adjustment in NON MOTION.

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