XP Deus ground balance explained


When to ground balance your Deus

Ground balance is a term that confuses many, it is a form of ground discrimination, unlike the normal discrimination that rejects targets, the ground balance rejects the effects from the ground…in simple terms it adjusts the machine so the ground is not seen as a target.
The version 3x Deus has a slightly different ground balance to other machines, there are some very important key features to remember.
Once again the golden rule…Only adjust something if it requires adjusting.
Pay attention to the mineralization bar on the right of the screen, this will tell you if you need to ground balance or not.

If you have no bars, keep the ground balance at the factory pre-set of 90.
If your bars are pumping then you MAY find an advantage by ground balancing.

Methods of ground balancing

xp deus ground balance menu tree
If you try the pumping method and get the GB Fail icon, there is possibly not enough ground mineral to activate the circuitry, use factory pre-set of 90.
*Note : Here in the UK no mineralization bars are very common, where as overseas they are more active.

This is used to reject certain ground levels, and is ideal for eliminating  audio responses from magnetic hot rocks.

The XP Deus manual covers the Ground balance in more depth