Understanding the XP Deus menu


When you first look at the Deus menu it can appear quite daunting, especially if you are not computer minded.
One important thing to remember is just because you have lots of settings and adjustments, it does not mean you have to use them.As you look at the control pad you will see a plus and a minus button, this is simply to quickly scroll through programs and to make adjustments when in the main menu.
The three buttons at the top allow you to access the three main sectors above them…Option….Menu…GB.
Don’t worry about the GB or the Option at the moment, concentrate on the menu. Press the menu button and access the surface menu.the menu's
As you can see by the chart above as you scroll down you will find all the basic menu adjustments, you do not need to select them to adjust, if they are visible, they are selected, all you need to do is make adjustments using the + or – keys.


Back button

All you need to do is press the back button to return to the menu or back again to return to the home screen (detect screen).
Changing programs
At the top of the screen is the program name. the Deus in standard form has 10 factory pre-set programs, the most common are #1-Basic1, #2-Goldmaxx Power, #3 – Deus Fast. The operator can quickly switch between programs by simply pressing the + or – buttons while in the detect screen.
When you select a program or a setting there is no need to save it, if it’s visible, that’s what you are using.
Don’t worry if you make a mistake, if you turn the machine off and on again, all your factory pre set programs will be restored to their original form.

deus box buttons
As you become more confident with the menu, you can then investigate the Expert settings market “Expert” in the lower left of the screen, most surface menu settings have an expert section attached.
The key to learning the menu is repetition…keep practising and it will soon become second nature, you can then go on to making and saving your own custom programs.

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