XP Deus basic features explained



As you enter the XP Deus menu you will see the top option which is Disc (discrimination). The top bar on the detect screen will show your rejection level by the grayed out area.

This runs from 0-99 and is used to reject unwanted targets. Here in the UK we only want to reject iron the iron range runs from around 1-10 on the discrimination range, try to use as little disc as possible as higher levels may affect performance. Factory pre-sets use around 6.8 -10.


xp deus-beginners-menu-tree

This has a range of 0 – 99 and adjusts the power of the machine, to high and you will hear false signals, to low and your depth will be compromised, if you are testing indoors or close to electrical sources you will require a lower sensitivity setting. Factory pre-sets are around 90

You have a choice of 4 frequencies all in Khz…4Khz, 8Khz, 11Khz, 17 Khz, you can adjust the frequency by simply using the + and – buttons. 11Khz and 17Khz are the most popular
*Note: Sometimes 17Khz is refered to as 18Khz,….11Khz is called 12Khz, it’s because they operate at about 17.9Khz and 11.9Khz.

Deus_iron_volumeIron Volume
When you are searching in some programs you will hear a low tone for Iron, the iron volume simply raises or lowers the volume of the Iron tone (low tone), no other tones are effected by the iron volume.

Deus audio response chart

When the machine signals on a target, it takes a little time to re-set itself ready to see the next target, this is called recovery speed (reactivity) a slower reactivity will give slightly more depth because the machine has a better analysis of the target, a faster reactivity will work much faster and find multiple targets amongst iron.
A very good setting is reactivity 3, this will suit most of your search requirements.

Audio Response
When the machine locates a target is gives an audio sound, the audio response is a signal intensity adjustment. If you have a high audio response all targets will have the same intensity, a low audio response will give a much softer sound on deeper or smaller targets, giving the operator more information. The audio response range runs from 0 – 7, there will be no depth loss at 0 but those hard of hearing may not hear the softer sounds.

The notch works like the discrimination, but rather than rejecting targets on a sliding scale 0 – 99, the notch allows the user to “cherry pick” a certain target range to either accept or reject, for example notch can be useful when searching parks littered with bottle caps, you can reject their target range and only find desired targets.
*Note : Notch is not commonly used when relic hunting because ancient coins and artefacts can fall within a rejected notch window.

XP Deus Factory Pre-set Programs
xp Deus basic programes

Factory Pre-set number 10 is a little different to the others, it is called “Gold Field”
Gold Field should only be used in extreme conditions such a nugget hunting in area’s containing very highly mineralized ground, it has very little iron rejection and is designed for the more expert user. More will be explained about this setting in the advanced sections.