XP Deus Beginners Exercises


xp-classroom-2016Now you are becoming more comfortable with the Deus and how the menu operates, its time to work on a few simple adjustments. The key word here is repetition, if you repeat some processes at home you will be more confident if you need to make changes in the field.
The Deus factory tone default on the Goldmaxx Power and Deus Fast is 3 tones, this can be a little confusing for beginners, so let’s change from 3 tones to 2 tones and then add a custom tone level to the non ferrous sound. (non ferrous is something that is not Iron)

XP Deus 3 tones

Exercise 1 changing tones

1. Enter the menu > Disc, now select the Expert menu, now you will see the tone menu and the default 3 tones selected.
2. Scroll down until you see 2 tones.
3.press the return button to go back, pres again to go back once more, you are now in the detect screen and using 2 tones.

Exercise 2 changing the tone pitch
1. Enter the menu > Disc, now select the Expert menu, now you will see the tone menu and the default 3 tones selected.
2. Scroll down until you see 2 tones.

3. Press the Expert menu again and you will see the two black tone bars numbered 202 and 518…..202 is the iron tone and 518 is the non ferrous tone, the 6.8 you see on the screen is the discrimination level so you can see that the iron(ferrous) tone will change to the non ferrous tone for any target with a meter reading above 6.8


You will see the arrow next to the 202, this means that tone 202 is selected for adjustment, you need to select 518, in order to do this you need to move the arrow…Press the right arrow key once to drop the arrow down.
*Note : This action has three functions…202…518…and discrimination adjust, you will see each one highlighted as you scroll through, if you miss your setting just go through them again.

Once you have selected 518 press the plus button, now you will see the tone numbers change, stop at 710 Hz, this will now give the non ferrous tone a much higher pitch.
4. Press the arrow back key twice to return to the detect screen.

Exercise 3 saving your settings
Once you have made your custom changes you will need to save your settings, if not the next time you turn the machine on and off it will default to the factory pre-sets.
The Deus 3.2 has empty memory slots where you can name and save your own programs.


1. From the detect screen select Option, then Programs, then select save….Press the arrow down key until you see a blank memory slot and press Select, now you will see a flashing icon.
2. Use the + and – keys to select the letter or number you want and press the right arrow key to move onto the next letter. Repeat this until your new name is complete and then press Valid then Save.
3. Your new setting has been saved as a new program, to select it from the detect screen just press the + or – buttons to scroll through the available programs listed at the top of the screen.

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