XP Deus Full Tones

Deus Full Tone can give you a real advantage when looking for a hot spot….

Even if you prefer not to hunt in Full Tone it is still worth learning a few basics and find out how it can be applied to your searches.
Full Tones will always be my “Go To ” setting no matter where I am searching, it has a very raw audio and combined with zero discrimination can make a deadly program.
People new to the XP Deus may find this combination a little noisy, but those more experienced users will know this noise is simply information.
Q: I don’t hunt in Full Tone so how can I use it to my advantage ?
A : By using it to find Iron ! – Iron can be a sign of habitation.
Full tone will give you an audio map of whats under your feet, once you have found a hot spot using Full Tone, simply work the area with whatever program you are comfortable with.
This Video shows how you can easily map out the base of a possible old building using such a method.

Comment by Devonlad
Very interesting – I have never used the hot programme as like many I started of using a pre-set 2 and slowly over the months tweaked it to suit the deep clean pasture that I search.  After two years I am happy that my Deus is now set for me to get the most depth and the tones are set to my personal preference.

Then last week the landowner let drop that he had a forty-acre field of ploughed rolled flat stubble if I wanted it.  On site last Sunday, and to be honest over whelmed as to where to begin.  There are no features that jump out other then two springs, so I began in this area with my normal programme, it was however, far too sparky which made it difficult to distinguish the fainter deeper tones.

Time to have a think and a tug on my e-cig, what changes should I make?  Time to go hot was my conclusion although I knew the sounds would be completely different to the tones my brain is now finely tuned to.

Off on a walk looking for the iron and I fluked it, locating an area within fifteen minutes of searching.  Now I know what the fuss is about, it cut through the iron enabling me to make the non-ferrous finds and establish a sort of audio map in my head.

I  now have the confidence, (should it be pasture or ploughed) I have the programmes just right for me and the land I search.

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