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XP Deus feedback from the USA has always been very good, perhaps it is because this metal detector suits to so many different search scenario’s from yards to ancient battlefields.
Here is the latest news from some of our XP USA team members.

Sonya Harshman

 I get asked almost daily if I am happy with my XP Deus, and what it is that makes it different from other detectors.

This question immediately puts a smile on my face because I love to tell people about this machine.
I have only been detecting for 2 years, and only 1 year with the Deus. My finds have EASILY tripled with the XP Deus from the very beginning. Why, you may ask? It’s because no other detectors let you tweak your settings to the extent that the XP Deus does to have the best possible outcome at each site that you hit.

Got EMI interference?

Turn down your sensitivity and change frequencies. Still hear it? Adjust your inner frequencies and your problem is solved.

Is your site loaded with iron?

Turn up your reactivity and slow your swing speed to pick those sweet tones out in between the grunts.

Nice, clean yard?

Lower your reactivity and turn up your sensitivity to go deep and get those long, hidden coins.

And you want to make sure that you don’t miss those quiet tones from the deep targets right?

Then turn your audio response up to 4 or 5. You’ll never miss those deep targets again because it was too quiet of a tone to hear. The XP Deus can literally be set up to give you the best possible results at any location.

 With my first detector,  I found a few large cents and around 15 Indian Heads in a year. So far since January with my Deus, I have found 72 Indian Heads, 12 large cents, 5 flying eagles, 2 trimes, 1 reale, 2 half dimes, 4 2-cent coins, and a $1 1857 Gold coin. Not to mention shield and V nickels, seated quarter and dimes, and others. Plus, too many relics to list.

 If anyone is on the fence about this detector, please, get a hold of me. I will gladly help you make the best decision about your metal detecting career. I promise you, you will never want another machine after you’ve used the XP Deus.
Sonya Harshman


Ed Huffman, owner of treasure Mountain Detectors

Gary’s interview with Ed Huffman talking about the new HF coils

I got a chance to talk with Ed Huffman from Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors over in the US.

Gary: Ed what is your honest opinion about the HF coils?
Ed:  I would like to start off by saying there’s not a lot of optional coils that have amazed him over the years. Not just for the XP Deus, but all metal detectors. Yes, there have been some optional coils which enhance performance and make a difference in-depth, separation, and coverage for diverse types of hunting situations. However, what I’m talking about here is an ‘optional coil’ that has truly amazed me with instant results.
Gary: I know from our earlier conversations, the detecting scene in the US can be very specific, from coin shooting in yards to relic hunting old battlefields. How would you rate the HF coils as an all-rounder?
Ed: I have personally had tremendous success with both, the XP Deus 9” Inch HF round and 9.5” Inch elliptical coils. What has amazed me, as well as other Detectorists, is these coils are being used in trashy / iron infested areas that myself and others have spent hours upon hours detecting with other metal detectors. Within a few hours of detecting these areas, it is truly amazing what the other metal detectors missed due to the trash and iron infestation! These new HF coils are the answer to making your old detecting sites new again and are a true game changer….For me and my team they have taken the Deus to a new dimension for specific sites.!

Not so long ago the question asked was “What machine do I take” for a specific hunt
Now it’s just a case of “What coil do I take”

Gary: Tell me more about your teams experiences with the new coils?
Ed: Heath Jones, Scott Duncan and Josh Nickerson are highly experienced XP Deus users and Members of the XP Deus Team USA. They had their maiden voyage with the HF Coils this past week and within an hour of detecting in a spot that both and others had detected over the years, Heath sent me a photo of a gold ring! A few moments later, Scott sent me a pic of another ring! After a couple more hours, Heath and Scott had racked up 4 Rings, an antique compact case, numerous coins and a Civil War .58 caliber three ringer! Check out Heath and Scott on the podcast History Seekers where they will be talking more in-depth about this experience! Same amazing results for Josh Nickerson too! Josh has found a handful of coins including an 1854 Half Cent, 1876 Seated Dime and 1855 Large Cent in the same areas he and others have hunted many times throughout the years!

Gary: What about customer feedback ?
Ed: The feedback for the HF Coils has really been excellent! With the short time that these coils have been on the market we have sold a lot and now that everyone is seeing the results the sales are increasing weekly! I have had numerous customers call and send me pics in amazement of what they are finding in the areas that they have frequently detected through the years. The main comment I hear from the customers is this.


“Ed, I can’t believe that I found this because I know for a fact that I went over this exact area before!”

Gary: So how would you compare the HF coils against the black coils, do you think running at a higher frequency sacrifices depth? What about the big Silver coins you guys hunt for?
Ed:  Personally, I feel that the black coils have their place as well as the HF Coils. The black coils along with the HF coils are all important to utilize to be successful! To get the absolute most out of an area that you currently detect or will detect in the future, you want to be as prepared as possible. This can truly be the difference of finding that rare amazing artefact or coin that is inches away from being detected by the HF coils because of the depth range or needing that superior separation to squeeze out that rare artefact from an extremely iron infested area that you only do with the HF Coils!.
Now… that is just two examples of why it’s important to have the black coils along with the HF coils. Once you start to factor in the different frequencies and ability to handle mineralized soil and saltwater, I could probably talk another hour or more on why it’s important to have all the optional coils for the XP Deus!

Gary: Are you planning to make some Deus videos for the XP Deus team USA website?
Ed: I’m happy you asked that question Gary! Videos are very important and an excellent way to demonstrate and show the superior performance capabilities of the XP Deus Metal Detector. All the time I have people asking me about the XP Deus and how I think it would perform in certain situations. You know to be honest I can talk about the XP Deus all day, but to show someone how it performs or to demonstrate the settings on video goes a long way because to a lot of people, seeing is believing! Heath Jones and myself are currently putting some videos together that will show the XP Deus performing numerous tests with different settings and different coils and how it affects one another. We also have a lot of real world detecting videos where we’re making some awesome finds with the XP Deus to share too! Check us out on YouTube at TreasureMtnDetectors and HistorySeekers.

Gary: How do you see the future for XP in the USA?
Ed: Like I have said before Gary … XP Metal Detectors is the future of metal detecting! I have personally been using the XP Deus Metal Detector ever since it was released in the USA back in 2012 with version 2.0! Back then, as with any new detector brand that Americans are not familiar with, they can be hesitant on getting one until it proves itself. I can tell you that the XP Deus proved itself extremely fast here in the US with Relic Hunters because of its ability to work the iron infested areas! Now jump to 5 years later, the XP Deus is not only a popular Relic Hunting detector but extremely popular with Coin & Jewellery Hunters and Gold Prospectors!
Here at Treasure Mountain Detectors we were selling around 30-40 XP Deus Metal Detectors a year back in 2012 and now were selling over 200 of them a year! I personally feel that the XP Deus is the ultimate all-round metal detector for Relic Hunting, Coin & Jewellery Hunting, Gold Prospecting and Beach Detecting! I would also like to mention that if anyone has any questions or just wants to talk about the XP Deus please feel free to contact me anytime. Once again Gary, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you my friend! Happy Hunting!


Dave DiNataile
Co presenter of the XP Deus Team USA show

2017 has been an exciting detecting season for me. Six months ago I made the decision to make the XP Deus my go to detector and have never looked back.
Professionally made videos from XP made the learning curve an enjoyable experience.  I was able to understand The XP Deus in a shorter period of time because the information was plentiful and insightful.
My confidence level increased after each hunt and the proof was in the finds that I was pulling from the ground.  I returned to all the sites I have dug in the past and was amazed on how much was still there, missed by my prior high-end detector.

I was able to get noticeably deeper with the innovated programs.  The coins and relics I was recovering were increasing and becoming much older.
The recovery speed and the ability to hear good targets amongst the iron makes this machine second to none.  Distinct tones, pitch and volume of targets is utterly consistent.  In many situations I’m able call it before I dig it, I just love hearing those high tones in the HOT program.

Just when I think the XP Deus has peaked, it goes to another level.  High frequency coils, updates to the controller and the most amazing pin pointer on the market today, The MI 6.
Plain and simple, The XP Deus is a true performer and I’m a proud user of The XP Deus.
Why not check out Dave’s video’s
XPress metal detecting with Deus Dave YouTube channel


Calabash Digger

Instructional video’s, hints, tips and extreme XP Deus testing

Scott has a really good series of video’s online, if you have a Deus technical question that needs answering, there is a very good chance Calabash Digger has made a video on the subject.
Many people in the USA including myself regard him as one of the top Deus users in the US as he has a very comprehensive understanding of the machine and a great ambassador for the hobby.
Check out the You Tube channel here Calabash Diggers XP Deus tests.

Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this article
Written by Gary Blackwell

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