XP Deus testing 4 Khz

XP Deus digging deep targets using 4Khz

Lower frequencies are better for big targets right ?
As many of you know the XP Deus metal detector has a choice of four operating frequencies, most people use 11Khz or 17Khz, this suits most of their metal detecting requirements. Some have never ventured into the 4Khz domain, possibly because they have no need for it, but I would suspect they simply don’t understand what it’s for.
As the instruction manual states 4Khz is a good frequency for large deep objects, this is true but it’s possibly only one reason for using 4Khz.

xp deus 4khz test

Soil conditions
Soil conditions play a very important part to successful metal detecting, sometimes a lower frequency can penetrate the soil better than a high frequency, so you are not only making your XP Deus better at finding large targets, if soil conditions dictate 4Khz you will be making it more responsive to ALL targets.

Target size and orientation
Sometimes a lower frequency can find multiple targets such as scattered hoards much better, for some reason higher frequencies have problems dealing with multiple targets even on the surface, it is something to do with an inconsistent sine wave omitted from the multiple targets which confuses VLF metal detectors.

Here is a video of the XP Deus being used in 4Khz on a pasture site with some interesting results, so next time give the lower frequencies a chance, it may be worth it !

Can I use my favourite settings and just switch frequency ?
Yes…no problem, all XP Deus users….well all professional metal detectorists, should learn to interpret what the machine is telling them and then make adjustments accordingly.
Correct power settings and a discrimination level set for the site conditions are the key, when correctly combined = stability, which will allow you to hear those quiet signals. Reactivity is largely dependant on your sweep speed, so if you know you have these settings correct stand firm and have confidence using 4Khz.

XP Deus 4KHZ video review

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