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The XP Deus is becoming the most popular “Go To” professional metal detector according to our USA sources.
Earlier today I had an interesting conversation with Ed Huffman from Treasure Mountain detectors one of our dealers, and received some fantastic product feedback.

Many of you guys in the USA know Ed and his business partner Heath Jones as being amongst the most respected detectorists out there, these guys have earned their reputation because they are straight talking and  are passionate about the hobby.
Another well known friend and Deus user is Butch Holcombe from the American Digger Magazine.
I have heard on the grapevine these guys are going to be working on some very interesting XP projects in the near future.


Ed talked about how the XP Deus is responsible for some great metal detector finds and went on to say these type of reports are on the increase at an astounding rate compared to a few years ago. So it would appear that the guys over the pond have really began to understand what this machine is capable of, and how it can be adapted to be used in a wide variety of search scenario’s.
Ed used the word “Simplicity” and said how new Deus users are reporting great results straight out of the box using factory pre set programs 2 and 3, Goldmaxx power and Deus fast.
So on many occasions there will be no need for additional tweaks, it really is a switch on and go machine…If you want it that way.
Ed and his team have released their own dedicated web site called XP Deus team USA.


The web site is very clean with some great information, the site is still under construction, more articles will be added soon when the weather in Ed’s region cools down and the snakes are more docile…..WHAT !!!!
There will also be regular metal detecting video’s from the guys covering all aspects of hunting with the Deus including technical information and new user guides.


XP owners are welcome to send in their reports, short stories and finds.

Treasure Mountain Detectors sell the full XP Deus range and offer a fantastic after sales service with plenty of happy customers.


Why not swing by and take a look at Treasure Mountain’s XP Deus team USA web site.


XP America’s official XP web site

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