XP Testimonials


XP web site thumbs-up  Alain Loubet and his team are listeners and action men, thats something thats hard to find these days.(JBM Gary’s forum)
XP web site thumbs-up  The XP Deus works great out of the box in standard programs. i tell everyone who gets one keep it in the same program for the first few outings so you can get your ear in without changing anything. I would recommend GMP to start. It is a great machine but I have a few machines in my Arsenal.
The one machine I wouldn’t sell at the moment is the Deus, The best machine I’ve ever used on a really busy Roman site. (Firthy 77 Gary’s forum)
XP web site thumbs-up  Recently I was torn between the Deus and the Ctx3030. In the end it came down to the fact that xp have constantly updated the Deus and listened to what users have asked for. I still have a lot of respect for the Ctx3030, but the fact that minelab don’t seem to want to update the machine despite customer demands really put me off. (Oscar 6972 Gary’s forum)
 XP web site thumbs-up  Would I recommend one? Yes.
Why. Because it has so many advantages over other machines. Its light years ahead in design. What other machine is wireless? What other machine is as light weight? What other machine allows you to select frequencies? What other machine folds and extends so quickly and easily? None. (Junkfinder (Gary’s forum)
XP web site thumbs-up The Deus is easy to use, easy to learn, very user friendly, light, wireless, lightening fast if you want it to be, super-adaptable..
the best there is on an iron infested ancient site..
I also think it’s the easiest machine to have confidence in. (iffy signal Gary’s forum)
XP web site thumbs-up I will be posting my finds, thanks for a great informative site, also thanks to Regton for a great deal.
XP web site thumbs-up Great info I will join the forum right away
XP web site thumbs-up This web site really helped me to understand the Deus a little better, with extracts from the manual I can access them from the field.

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