little bitts need ironing out so tell the xp gaffers gary;)

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little bitts need ironing out so tell the xp gaffers gary;)

Postby crank » Mon May 15, 2017 10:27 pm

deus control holder clip fell apart! charger works when it wants ! 3 way charger---i luv my my machine when hunting but deus aint a cheap machine--xp need to make components stronger - i know it has 5 year warranty but its hassle i dont need! for the money i spent--people telling me buy stronger new design charging clips of ebay -why should i have too! cmon xp sort out more robust components HUNTER i luv this machine i just think xp need to make more sturdy components sit down have a meeting about it -ps no blooming import chargers -for the money i want 100% quality components-its ok avin the wirless brains all good but u let urself down on some small components for the deus--remember were not dancing round daises were out hunting climbing over ditches /fences ect -love the machine of what its capable of but xp needs to up its game on the components-u earn enough give ur customers there moneys worth simple little mistakes on such a good machine -get round the table ladds ull thank me :o

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