Searching the Thames foreshore with the HF Elliptical coil

I first got my XP Deus in 2011, I was particularly interested the wide range of user adjustments it had to offer, especially the fast recovery speed because working and living in London the Thames foreshore was my main playground.

When put to the test he recovery speed and sensitivity to tiny artefacts despite the 9″ coil never failed to impressed me. Another massive advantage was the clever “close down” design as I ride to all my detecting spots on a motorcycle.
The folded down machine fits snugly into my backpack which is perfect for riding through the London traffic.

In 2012 I recovered my best find ever a Spiritia also known as a Roman brothel token, this find is now at the London Museum being the 1st ever recorded in the UK.

Over the years I spent lots of time playing with the XP Deus settings, and frequencies, eventually making my own custom program.

When I was told about the new HF elliptical coil release I was really thrilled as I knew this addition would push the machine further, Having purchased the coil, my very first session brought me a silver ring on an easy to access spot (the easier a spot is to access, the more detectorists it has seen ). The size of the coil is really good allowing you to work between large pebbles, stones, bricks and other building rubble.

I spent several sessions with the elliptical coil, every time always trying to refine my settings I realised that 14khz was the best frequency for me working on the River. Reactivity 5 and GB set to suit the day, I am pretty sure I have found my best personal XP Deus set up for the iron littered foreshore environment.

On iron littered patches another technique I developed was to adapt a narrow sweep of a maximum of a 1.5 feet wide moving slowly, while overlapping the coil by 50% all the time paying attention to double medium and high tones, this technique is quite tedious but you will pick up tiny bits close to large encrusted iron which I am convinced other machines will ignore.

On “Cleaner” patches you can widen your sweeps, increase your sensitivity and lower the reactivity to 4 or 3.
I highly recommend the HF Elliptical coil for difficult ground, it will allow you to unmask targets under the most extreme conditions, taking the Deus capabilities to the extreme.

Article kindly submitted by
Regis Curson

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