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This XP metal detecting web site is here to help new and experienced XP Deus users, our information pages are easy to understand and designed to help you get the very best performance from your XP Metal detector. You will also find top tips and the latest programs.


The fantastic Jersey Hoard

XP were invited to Jersey by the finders, Richard Miles and Reg Mead.

They wanted to see how the XP Deus worked on the hoard site, we also managed to get an interview with Neil Mahrer head curator at the La Hougue Bie museum where the hoard is now being dis-assembled and recorded using the very latest methods including a 3D scanner.

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The XP Classroom features are clearly written in simple terms to help XP Deus users become more confident with their machines in the shortest time possible
It is safe to say we confidently believe that Novice and Expert users will gain some important detector information and advanced user settings from the XP classroom articles.

Official XP Deus video’s

XP Video : Deep Targets

XP Video : Non Motion

XP Video : Goldfield

XP Deus skill school video’s

XP Video : Full Tone advantages

XP Video : Demonstrating Pitch mode

XP Video : How deep is Goldfield

XP Deus Quick Help Guides

XP Classroom stage  1

XP Deus….Getting started

XP Classroom stage  2

Understanding the menu

Basic features explained

Beginners exercises

Deus Lite menu options

Deus Lite saving and deleting programs

Deus Lite pairing coils

XP Classroom stage 3

Understanding the expert menu

Understanding the tones

Frequencies explained

Ground balance explained

Options menu explained

Saving new user programs

Pairing new coils

All metal / pin point menu

How to update your Deus

Charging and battery care

Factory parts lists

Custom Deus Programs

Hot and Cold programs

Ultimate Program

Sifter program

Hoard / Gold field


XP Video’s

Our video section contains links to the very latest professional tutorial video’s along with users own video’s that will benefit everyone.

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XP Classroom recent blog posts and articles

Our latest XP articles and your stories

XP Newsletter March 2017

XP Newsletter March 2017

What a busy start to 2017, the version 4 update is now available and we are already receiving some great feedback, especially when combined with the new round HF coil. The MI-6 pin point probe will be on sale very soon. The version 4 update……

Updating your XP Deus

Updating your XP Deus

Downloading the latest “Free” updates to your XP metal detector is fast and simple, please follow this update procedure – This is for a Windows PC only Before updating your Deus please take some time and make sure you have all the items ready. 1.……

XP Deus version 4 new features

XP Deus version 4 new features

So what changes have XP made to the Deus The XP Deus version 4 update : A brief description XP have made several changes to the version 4 free update, some things are very obvious, others you have to dig a little deeper to find,……

Sonya strikes Gold with her XP Deus

Sonya strikes Gold with her XP Deus

Hi to everyone at XP… My name is Sonya I use an XP Deus and mostly hunt in the Huntingdon Region of Indiana. I just wanted to let you know what your amazing machine helped me find recently. I was out detecting in a field……

More Deus Gold from Denmark

More Deus Gold from Denmark

I have had a great year detecting in Denmark with my XP Deus, with 3 items of pure gold, a German gold coin from 1483, a Viking gold pendant and a half gold arm ring from the Danish Iron age period. This is a short……

XP Deus user finds 3000 year old Tutulus

XP Deus user finds 3000 year old Tutulus

Bronze aged Tutulus unearthed after over 3000 years in darkness. It was late September, 2016 I went out for a days metal detecting on a field I had been working with my XP Deus for several weeks. The 12 acre corn field was surrounded by……

Rare coin found in Norway

Rare coin found in Norway

It was a Monday morning in the middle of April 2016, the weather in Norway was beautiful. I woke up really early desperate to try out my new XP Deus metal detector. I decided to pay a visit to a local permission, it was all……

Only One Detector Could Hear This Coin Spill

Only One Detector Could Hear This Coin Spill

XP Deus USA – This is my story about finding a deep coin spill. THE LOCATION: Greg and myself were invited to metal detect with a couple of friends (Dave and Joe) from Cameron County, Pennsylvania. I grew up there in a small town called……

XP Deus | Deep settings manual mode

XP Deus | Deep settings manual mode

XP Deus Deep settings There are 2 question commonly asked by Deus owners: What is the deepest program for the Deus? How do I go deeper with the Deus? I have based this article around these 2 questions they sound similar but are very different!……

Recovering lost items with the XP Deus

Recovering lost items with the XP Deus

Lost necklace and pendant an easy task for the Deus First of all we would like to thank the people at  Renesse South West Beach Pavilion for passing my information to clients, we offer a free search service and have had some great success over……

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