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This XP metal detecting web site is here to help new and experienced XP Deus users, our information pages are easy to understand and designed to help you get the very best performance from your XP Metal detector. You will also find top tips and the latest programs.

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The XP Classroom features are clearly written in simple terms to help XP Deus users become more confident with their machines in the shortest time possible, it is safe to say we confidently believe that Novice and Expert users will gain some important detector information and advanced user settings from the XP classroom articles

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Catching and scratching with the XP Deus

Catching and scratching with the XP Deus
The crops are beginning to grow and the window for metal detecting is starting to close. I wanted to make a final visit to my iron contaminated site with my XP Deus to make some further tests. Recently I have been using the 13″ Coil…...

Audio response

Audio response
The Audio response is something that is rarely talked about amongst XP Deus users, do people really understand it ? or is it simply an un important feature ? During my 1 to 1 Deus training sessions I always emphasize the importance of the Audio…...

XP Deus Romanian Military Finds

XP Deus Romanian Military Finds
My name is Michele I am now the proud owner of a new XP Deus, I had the chance to test it last week for the first time and made some interesting finds. My name is Michele from Romania, I work with a small team…...

XP Deus Full Tones

XP Deus Full Tones
Deus Full Tone can give you a real advantage when looking for a hot spot…. Even if you prefer not to hunt in Full Tone it is still worth learning a few basics and find out how it can be applied to your searches. Full…...

USA XP Deus Feedback

USA XP Deus Feedback
3 Trips by the CZ connoisseur a regular poster on the Findmall Forum Trip 1 : Searching the rental house the 9″ coil gets it done !! Got back to the old neighborhood a couple days back and started at a bungalow type house built…...

Finding treasure at 74 years old

Finding treasure at 74 years old
Finding Gold coins with an XP metal detector is beyond most peoples dreams. One rainy day in October Philip Jones had his prayers answered….He only had a few hours spare in the morning , as he had a doctors appointment in the afternoon. Taking advantage…...

XP Deus Sifter Program

XP Deus Sifter Program
From Sledge-Hammer to Violin It never ceases to impress me how we are constantly finding out more and more about this machine. Ever since the Version 3 was released my HOT program has always been my “Go To” setting, I like the way it feeds…...

3 Silvers with the XP ADX 150

3 Silvers with the XP ADX 150
What a fantastic session, the little XP ADX 150 has really made my afternoon, there’s just something special about detecting with un complicated machines, they are like little terriers eager to reward their master. I got a call from a friend who has just lost…...

Make a custom XP pin point program

Make a custom XP pin point program
Here is another quick XP Deus tip You can make your own dynamic pin point program in seconds Load up the Deus Fast program (no3) Change : Sensitivity : 75 Discrimination: 0 Tone: Pitch Reactivity: 5 Thats it ! your XP Deus now has a…...

XP Metal Detectors USA

XP Metal Detectors USA
XP Metal Detectors are becoming a really big name in the USA, the Deus has quickly earned the respect it deserves from the American relic hunter, they have seen the way XP has conquered so many countries in such a short time, most of Europe…...


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