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This XP metal detecting web site is here to help new and experienced XP Deus users, our information pages are easy to understand and designed to help you get the very best performance from your XP Metal detector. You will also find top tips and the latest programs.

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Latest Site Update 1 / 2 / 2018
XP Deus version 4.1 free update is now available to download

Note there is a new update procedure follow this link for more instructions.
V4.1 new update procedure.



XP Deus High Frequency Elliptical coil test

The Elliptical HF coil is designed to be a part of the Deus armoury and not necessarily a replacement for any other coil in the Deus range, I would describe it as a technical coil for a technical site, here are my thoughts.



Romanian Military Archaeology
Finding some interesting war artefacts

The RMA group are regular posters on the XP Classroom blog
This haunting video shows some interesting artefacts being unearthed
Along with some interesting finds, the video is very well composed and shows the stunning Romanian countryside.

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XP MI-4 pin pointer product review

XP MI-4 pin pointer product review

When XP announced the MI-4 pin point probe I was a little confused, as I already have an MI-6 and love the radio link to the Deus, why would I want to change. Then the whole concept of the XP MI-4 was explained to me……

Pascal Lebrrun rally in Belgium 2018

Pascal Lebrrun rally in Belgium 2018

XP metal detectors were kindly invited to attend the Pascal Lebrrun rally in Belgium, it was gratefully accepted as this would be another opportunity to meet our customers, offer assistance, answer questions and above all thank them for supporting us and our products. The rally……

2 Bronze aged axe heads

2 Bronze aged axe heads

Sue had an amazing find with her XP Deus when she attended the Southern Seekers metal detecting event in Salisbury, well I say an amazing find, it was actually amazing finds. She found not one but two Bronze aged axe heads less than a foot……

This whole event taught me to trust the Deus and never assume

This whole event taught me to trust the Deus and never assume

I guess for most of us the real drive related to metal detecting is connecting with the unknown It’s amazing to think that we will never know what remarkable treasures the soil hides. I must admit that many times I have the obsessive thought that……

Terry finds a unique Iron age brooch with his XP Deus

Terry finds a unique Iron age brooch with his XP Deus

Terry finds a unique Silver Iron age brooch with his XP Deus On a warm November afternoon in 2017 i thought i would get a couple of hours metal detecting in, so off I went to a permission I have done a few times before.……

Metal detecting trust your feelings

Metal detecting trust your feelings

Follow to your soul and you may be rewarded I must say from the moment I picked up my first machine metal detecting has been a very satisfying hobby. No, not economically satisfying, but more like a window for the soul….. and also bonus for……

XP Deus HOT program – XY or Horseshoe

XP Deus HOT program – XY or Horseshoe

The XP Deus Hot program Comparing the XY and the Horseshoe graphics. The XP Deus metal detector | version 4.x has seen the introduction of the new XY graphic screen, I have been asked many times what is the best one to use. To be……

XP Deus 4.1 – Users review

XP Deus 4.1 – Users review

Since the launch of the latest XP Deus version 4.1 firmware update, we have noticed a bit of confusion and panic among the Deus users, so we thought it may help others to do a short review of the update, and try to quash rumours……

XP Deus ground balance talk

XP Deus ground balance talk

The XP Deus ground balance The Deus operates what I describe as a true ground balance and can require a little more understanding compared to many other machines on today’s market, just because it is there does not mean you have to get involved with……

XP Deus version 4.1 new update procedure

XP Deus version 4.1 new update procedure

The new version of the XP Deus metal detector software version 4.1 is available to download free for windows pc users, there is no download available for a Mac. You will loose all your custom programs after an update, make sure you have the coils,……

XP Deus HF coil uncovers some rare finds in the USA

XP Deus HF coil uncovers some rare finds in the USA

My hunting partner S.C. Keith and I took our XP Deus detectors to a new site last week. When we got there, he tagged a flat button with his XP Deus just 5 minutes into the hunt. Five minutes later he gets another good signal.……

The sound of the battlefield

The sound of the battlefield

Was this the last musical note on the battlefield Our team’s activity is directly related to the First World War events that happened in Romania, especially the areas where the Romanian army fought hard to stop the German and Austro-Hungarian advances in 1916. Many of……

Another great day with my XP Deus

Another great day with my XP Deus

My story starts in Kent G.B with my trust XP Deus on a very wet, windy, cold and muddy Private Permission. it was Sunday morning and my plan was to detect, then make an introduction and shout out for another YouTube give away competition once the……

Metal detecting rally in Romania turns up some surprises

Metal detecting rally in Romania turns up some surprises

Every year since 2014, the ‘’Pro Detectie’’ association gathers numerous metal detectorists together for a national rally, which is always a great opportunity to make friends and spend some quality time with our comrades in hobby. We, the members of the Romanian Military Archeology team,……

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XP Video : Goldfield – DEEP

XP Deus Quick Reference Help Guides

The XP Classroom features are clearly written in simple terms to help XP Deus users become more confident with their machines in the shortest time possible
It is safe to say we confidently believe that Novice and Expert users will gain some important detector information and advanced user settings from the XP classroom articles.

Are you thinking about buying an XP Deus? Do you think it will be too complicated for you?

Watch this video to see how easy the XP Deus is to operate.

XP Classroom stage 1

XP Deus….Getting started

XP Classroom stage 2

Understanding the menu

Basic features explained

Beginners exercises

Deus Lite menu options

Deus Lite saving and deleting programs

Deus Lite pairing coils

XP Classroom stage 3

Understanding the expert menu

Understanding the tones

Frequencies explained

Ground balance explained

Options menu explained

Saving new user programs

Pairing new coils

All metal / pin point menu

How to update your Deus

Charging and battery care

Factory parts lists

Custom Deus Programs

Hot and Cold programs

Ultimate Program

Sifter program

Hoard / Gold field

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