XP ORX digging deep targets

You very often hear people say that their metal detector is not very deep, sometimes this is true, but in most cases it is operator error, either the incorrect settings or the user is not fully understanding what a deep coin sounds like.
This video is a perfect example of how deep targets sound in the field using the XP ORX metal detector on factory settings, as you will see in the video, coin fast was a better choice over coin deep because of the ground conditions, no other changes were required, simply switch on and go.

ORX search coils

The new ORX can be used with the HF search coils or the X35 search coils, and has it’s own wireless headphones called the WSA, it may be worth noting that the WS Audio headphones will not work with the XP Deus and the WS4/WS5 headphones will not work on the ORX.
The ORX also uses a new lighter stem called the S Lite, it is still fully retractable, this will also be the standard stem on the Deus Lite in 2019.
Join Gary B in the field as he has a short detecting session with the ORX.

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