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xp-flagThe very latest video’s from XP metal detectors

Deus MI-6 pin pointer XP Deus HF search coils
Deus version 4 information Non motion all metal explained The Goldfield program explained
XP Deus understanding deep targets The Jersey hoard re visited XP ADX 150 tuitional videoXP ADX 150 users feedback

XP metal detectors and ArchaeologyGary interviews Anni Byard

 How-to-find-Roman-Silver-coins-with-an-xp-deusFinding a Silver Roman coin hoard  XP Detectors and metal detecting archaeologyGary interviews Yvonne Edwards

xp-flagOfficial XP Deus training sessions 1 – 10

1 XP deus Tuitional videos1
XP Deus Introduction

4XP deus Tuitional video (2)2
Deus WS4 (Lite) vs GMP

9XP deus Tuitional video3
XP Deus Accessories

8XP deus Tuitional video4
Deus Signal Recognition

10XP deus Tuitional video5
Audio Response & Sensitivity

7XP deus Tuitional video6
Ground Balance & Discrimination


6XP deus Tuitional video7
Understanding Reactivity


5XP deus Tuitional video8
Deus Silencer Guide


2XP deus Tuitional video (3)9
Understanding the Deus Tone

3XP deus Tuitional video (1)10
XP Deus Top Tips

XP Deus pairing search coils to the headphones videoXP Deus pairing search coils to the headphones

UK-lagWatch all the latest Skill School videos here
XP Deus help videos all in one place ! The XP Skill School

UK-lagOlder XP Deus Skill School video’s

Testing Pitch and Goldfield programs
xp-deus-deep-settings-videoDigging a deep target using Gold Field Deus-full-tones-featured-imageHunting for  Roman coins using Full Tone
understanding emiUnderstanding EMI bottlecap1Bottle cap rejection tips Full-tones-XP-DeusXP Deus using the feedback to your advantage
XP Deus beginners guideXP Deus beginners guide XP Deus UK ProgramsXP Deus UK Programs xp Deus Basic 1 informationXP Deus Basic 1 guide
xp deus 4Khz tets XP Deus 4Khz test


xp deus users interviewXP Deus Users interview XP Deus 8KhzXP Deus Deep targets using 8Khz

USA-flagXP Video’s USA

XPress Metal Detecting with Deus Dave

Dave makes a find of a lifetime
How to avoid digging bottle caps with the Deus
Deus Dave metal detects among the iron listening for treasure Deus Dave hunts curb strips and tear outs in search of silver The XP DEUS is one of the finest metal detectors out there today
Deus Dave gets deep in the dirt with the “Hot” Program Deus Dave metal detects a 1905 church Sweet tones yield some cool finds
Join Dave as he listens for those faint and deep targets Finding great relics around the iron signals Dave’s first hunt with the XP Deus

More video’s from the USA

treasure mountain detectors videoXP Deus Metal Detector Shines On A Hunted Out Site ! dues-deep-coin-spill-thXP Deus finds coin spill Calabash-Digger-logo-newUSA demonstrating the Deus Full tones

todd roy

The Todd Roy XP Deus comedy Series


Todd deus 1
Deus Volume I : Un-boxing the Deus
Todd Deus 2

Deus Volume II : Understanding Beeps and Blips

Todd deus 3
Deus volume III : Searching the deserted Nazi ranch
Volume IV : Searching the abandoned mine

XP video’s from Germany TerraGermania

Awarded the
XP 5 star rating



GOLD FIELD GOODIES!!! Metal Detecting Germany Nr.126 FANTASTIC COINS AND RELICS!!! Metal Detecting Germany Nr.124

Finding relics No119

Finding relics No118  Finding relics No116

XP video’s from Russia


Hobby Detecting blog

XP Deus RussiaКопаем Средневековье и настройки XP Deus с белой катушкой HF 9″ для мелких целей!

Пинпоинтер XP MI6 – как использовать и подключить к XP Deus, обзор

клад монет с Deus Весна 2017 больше 100 штук серебро

XP video’s from Italy Tony Detector

XP Deus on the beach

METAL DETECTOR – Nando sfida gli XP DEUS!!!

Alla ricerca dei ruderi con Nando…che molla!

Recensione XP – MI-6 – ITALIANO

METAL DETECTOR – Il pianto delle terre borboniche, uscita interrotta!


Netherlands-flagXP Video’s From the Netherlands

William JohannsMy Best Deus Finds 2015
( william Johanns,  Netherlands )
video netherlandsDouble Silver
From the Netherlands
detecting-nlXP Deus on the beach from Martin

Greek-flagXP Video’s Greece

εντοπισμός χαρτονομίσματος με XP DEUS ανιχνευτή μετάλλων χρυσού

XP DEUS ανιχνευτές χρυσού μετάλλων, δωρεάν αναβάθμιση 4.0

XP DEUS ανιχνευτές χρυσού μετάλλων, δωρεάν αναβάθμιση 4.0


XP DEUS ασύρματοι ανιχνευτές μετάλλων

ανιχνευτής χρυσού XP DEUS έρευνα σε πηγάδι
δοκιμή βάθους ασύρματος ανιχνευτή μετάλλων XP DEUS σε κουτάκι αναψυκτικού
Greek-video-4XP DEUS ανιχνευτής μετάλλων – οδηγίες χειρισμού & ρυθμίσεις. Ανιχνευτές χρυσού Greek-video-5

απόρριψη πετρωμάτων με ανιχνευτή XP DEUS

greek-video-6ανιχνευτές χρυσού XP DEUS σε παραλία

Bulgarian-flagXP Video’s Bulgaria

XP Deus testing the new ground sensitivity in version 4.1 Bulgarian language
Ground Sensitivity при металотърсач XP DEUS v4.1.

Металотърсач XP DEUS 3.2 – настройване на земен баланс

Инсталиране на новия софтуер 3.2. за металотърсача XP DEUS

Представяне на Новите промени във V3.2. за металотърсача XP DEUS


 NON Motion търсене с металотърсач XP DEUS 3.2.


Australian-flagXP Video’s Australia


XP Deus How to fit the XP Deus Antenna and under water kit

Introducing the XP to Aussie detectorists
 detecting AU
My best detecting year ever thanks to the XP Deus

Spanish-flagXP Video’s Spain


XP DEUS | El mejor detector de metales | Profundidad y Accesorios


XP DEUS- Programa en Español de maxima profundidad



Polish-flagXP Video’s Poland

Deus poland 1 The hunt in the forest

deus poland 2Metal detecting XP Deus


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