XP Backpack 280 review

XP backpack 280

We have all used backpacks or rucksacks to transport our detectors in the past and we all have our favourites, when it comes down to practicality I have found they all fall slightly short of the mark. They may be to big, to small, the wrong colour, uncomfortable…the list goes on.

XP backpack with digging tool attachment

What XP metal detectors have done is to identify the shortfalls when using a generic backpack and try to design a rucksack specifically for transporting your XP Deus or XP ORX.

Introducing the XP Backpack 280

XP backpack comfortable to wear while metal detecting

As you will see it has several compartments and is even big enough to accomodate the large XP 13″ coil, along with the XP HF coils, in fact the XP backpack can easily fit 2 XP detectors, each compartment has a graphic tag, so you know exactly what goes where.

XP backpack with MOLLE attachment system

At the base of the backpack is another small pocket, this houses a throw over waterproof cover, just in case your metal detecting trip gets really bad weather.

XP Backpack with built in rain cover

You will also see several elastic loops, these are called the MOLLE system and widely used by the military for attaching extra compartments and items.

XP Backpack fits all your XP coils and detectors

The XP pouch is small and neat, this can fit onto your belt or on the XP backpack 280, it consists of 1 large open pouch and 1 secure safe zip pocket and a holder for your MI-6 pin pointer, once again made from the same tough material as the rucksack.

XP finds pouch with MI-6 attachment

When wearing the XP Backpack 280 you can feel the quality and attention to detail, the padded straps evenly distribute the balance, and this is where many backpacks fail.

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