XP Deus Sifter Program


The Sifter program is a low power version of the Deus HOT program, that does not mean it will not go deep…it still does.
The Sifter program allows you to hear the tiny targets with less background noise, it still uses “Full Tone” and is perfect when searching iron contaminated sites.

Here are the settings for the Sifter program
Use factory defaults if feature is not mentioned


Load up the Deus fast program….Change
Discrimination…..between 0 or 1 (1 will eliminate most ground feedback)
Tones….Full tones
Iron Vol…..0
Audio response….4
Sensitivity …86
TX Gain …1
Ground balance…Manual 88 providing the mineralization bar is not indicating change is required)
At first don’t be afraid to use a discrimination of 1 until you get used to the audio feedback.