XP MI-4 pin pointer product review

When XP announced the MI-4 pin point probe I was a little confused, as I already have an MI-6 and love the radio link to the Deus, why would I want to change.
Then the whole concept of the XP MI-4 was explained to me and it now makes perfect sense.

The MI-4 pin point probe from XP metal detectors | What you should know
XP have a top end product with the MI-6, but I guess that is really channelled towards the XP Deus users as it has the radio link and the expert “Deus only” features when connected.
If you do not yet own a Deus, why pay extra for the features you may not require.

You should read this before you buy a metal detecting pin point probe

The MI-4 has been designed, to offer a top quality reliable product to those who do not feel the need for a radio link in a pin point probe.

What features does the XP MI-4 pin point probe offer ?
Would you believe it has just as many as the MI-6 in the stand alone mode :

A Rechargeable lithium battery.
6 Programs.
3 power levels.
2 detect audio modes, Pitch or Pulse.
5 Minute time out mode – saves battery life.
Fast De-tune for large targets or difficult ground.
All the parts are quickly replaceable.
Waterproof up to 6 meters.
360 Detection.
A Lanyard.
A rotating holster.
2 year warranty.
The MI-4 floats.

Using a pin point probe is essential always insist on XP products

So what’s in the box

Mi-4 pin pointer
Rotating Holster with belt clip
Lanyard and USB charging lead

XP metal detectors - leading manufacturer in metal detecting products
The Rotating Holster

The rotating holster is a great idea as it can be worn on a belt or webbing, allowing you to rotate the probe using a ratchet mechanism, this is ideal if you find the pin pointer is uncomfortable when bending down.

MI-4 pin point probe | Just look at these features
USB Charging

Fast charging from any USB port, battery life is up to 30 hours, depending on LED / Audio / Vibrate selected.
30 Hours is a long time considering you only switch the probe on for a minute while recovering a target.

Locating a buried target using a pin point probe is much easier

The link break feature

I would like to talk about is EMI, or to be exact EMI that you cannot hear – Silent EMI.
Did you know that many probes have always used an open circuit even when they are switched off, this can silently affect the detector up to 2 meters away, unless you are looking for it you may never know this is happening, this problem is especially noticeable when using PI machines.
With the MI-4 and MI-6 the open circuit link is broken as soon as the probe is switched off eliminating any “Nulling” problems, allowing your detector to work at its optimum performance levels.

Every professional metal detectorist should have an MI-4 poin point probe from XP metal detectors

I have owned many probes over the years, and to be fair they have all done a good job, but every one of them have had some points I have not been happy with, whether it be build quality, reliability, features or performance.

I have been testing the XP MI-4 pin point probe and can honestly say it is a good tool for the job, it’s rich in features has a chunky robust feel with excellent build quality, so if you are in the market for a pin pointer you won’t go far wrong with the MI-4 from XP Metal Detectors.

Understanding the MI-6 menus and features

Accessing the functions on the MI-4 is exactly the same as the MI-6, except there is no option 7 in the menu, the video below shows the full range of MI-6 features.
It helps give a better explanation into how good this product really is.

XP want to hear from you.

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XP MI4……The loyal retriever

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