Hoard hunting with the XP Deus


Out and about looking for deep targets with the XP Deus

Hoard finding with the xp deus metal detector
Having read about Saxon hoards in the recent news we decided to have a Sundays metal detecting of a different nature.
Our aim was to dig deep targets, so armed with the Deus 13″ coils we headed off onto our fields.
Our approach was slightly different to normal, we wanted a set up that gave us information based on the size and depth of the target, we were not interested in whether it was a high or low conductor, just size and depth. Having run through the Deus options we both decided to choose the pitch feature.

Why use the pitch ?

Lets see what pitch offers…It operates using a VCO audio which is known as a voltage controlled oscillator, the basic principles it works on is signal intensity, deep or small targets sound faint, shallow targets sound loud.
There is no real tone ID with this audio setting, but the audio frequency can be adjusted in the menu so it’s a high pitch ranging down to a low pitch. Graham and myself both agreed the factory pre set was pretty good.
Discrimination was required unless you wanted to investigate deep iron, we found a perfect setting that gave a slight stutter when passing over a ferrous target, non ferrous targets sounded smooth and complete.
XP deus looking for deep hoards

How did we get on ?

No hoards but some really deep targets, some were still below the pin pointers capability.
Thankfully I took along my custom pin point probe…It’s a cut down Tesoro made for me by Pentechnics, the all metal feature had the ability to go far deeper than the probe.

What settings did we use ?

Our settings were very similar to the XP factory pitch programme, we found small adjustment’s made a big difference. The program is called Pitch 101, there will be a video uploaded shortly to the Garys detecting web site.
Using a mini metal detector
The Pitch audio setting really does has something to offer, it has excellent iron identification, the best way I can describe the audio signal is pay attention to the smoothness and intensity. Big iron close to the surface will scream, deep iron will stutter. Be aware that large non ferrous targets will also scream but you can tell the difference with a little practise.
Imagine your target sound is a line of ball bearings, if they all line up the sound will be smooth (non ferrous)….if just one is out of place it will stutter (iron).Initially you probably wont like this setting if you have been using full tones and Deus fast etc, I would suggest you give it a little time for your ears to adjust and then enjoy !
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