How to pinpoint a target with the XP


Pin pointing a target


There are several methods of target recovery that can be used to make it look like you’ve never been there and the ground was never disturbed. All of these methods will work well, but the first thing you need to learn is how to pinpoint the target with your detector. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist, it takes practice and patience.

I’ve watched folks get a signal and drop to their knees to dig without even trying to draw an “X” with the coil over the target. Needless to say, many of them dig holes you could damn near crawl into and still don’t find their original target. You need to learn to sweep side to side and then forward and back to find the general location of your target. Try to determine to the size of the target is before you dig.


At the bottom of the controller you will see the pin point button, press this to locate a target.
To shrink the target signal, press the pin point button about three times in succession.
Select the arrow back key to return to the detect screen


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