Understanding the Deus expert menu


Once you begin to understand the Deus you can explore the Expert menu, remember the golden rule “only adjust something if it needs adjusting” some of the expert features are very rarely used during day to day detecting.


TX Power
The TX Power control allows a user to select an optimal level of strength of the machines emitted electromagnetic field depending on ground conditions.
Lower levels of TX gain should be used when searching junky or mineralized sites, higher levels for cleaner ground.
*Note : The depth difference gained by using TX1 and TX3 is very minimal, higher levels can lose performance in certain ground….2 is a good compromise.

Freq Shift
This is used when you want to eliminate sources of electronic interference such as chatter from other machines, pin point probes, electrical masts. Frequency shift slightly nudges the frequency from the central position (left or right) in order to maintain a smoother operation.
*Note: If you move from the central position, you ability to adjust the TX gain will disappear from the menu.
The silencer is a filter that removes the crackle from the iron sound, higher levels are prefered for coin shooting but minimum levels are best for working ancient sites, this will allow you to find targets much closer to iron because there is less filtering.
*Note: Lower levels of silencer may be noisy so lower the sensitivity and TX gain when searching iron infested sites
Audio overload
Not adjusted, this is just a tone the XP emits when the coil is passed over a very large target that saturates the signal
Notch Adjust
The notch adjust allows the operator the eliminate or accept a certain target range, the adjustment band is known as threshold, do not confuse it with the audio threshold some manufacturers refer to.
Notch is normally used when park hunting, the operator can “notch out” unwanted targets, notch is not recommended for general searching, 00-00 is the setting for notch off.