XP Deus Charging and battery care


The XP Deus used LiPo batteries are designed to be charged hundreds of times and will last several years if you follow some simple guidelines.
The Deus likes to be “topped up” rather than allow the battery to go flat and then charge it. So when you have finished detecting just put your machine on charge for a couple of hours.
Maximum charge time is about 3 hours, it is not advised to leave the Deus on charge overnight or for extended periods.
If these simple guidelines are adhered to the battery will still have 80% of its capacity after 300 to 400 charging cycles.
As an indication, the batteries should last for around 3 to 4 years when used on a weekly basis.
*Note : If your Deus is in long-term storage first charge the batteries to half of their capacity (40 to 70%).
xp deus coil wire and charging
Charging clip and pins
When you charge your coil take care of the charging clip as it has small pins located inside it, never force the clip onto the search coil, always ensure the clip is in line with the coil cover recess.
xp deus coil clip
The three Deus batteries are identical
The batteries for the wireless headphones and the remote control are easy to replace as they are connected to the circuit with a mini-connector and double-sided adhesive tape.
The search coil battery is sealed for obvious safety reasons and waterproofing. It must be returned to the XP service department or an XP distributor for replacement.
xp deus charging system