XP Deus the option menu explained


The option menu can be found on the left hand side of the XP Deus screen, here you will find some extra settings and adjustments.deus configuration screenThe Configuration menu

Adjusts the power of the backlight
Adjusts the screen contrast
Clock Setting
Adjusts the clock
Enter the profile section to change the graphic display, you can have the horseshoe or the curve, these can be changed by pressing the + or – keys.
Also you will see the words “ID Norm”, this is a neat feature that normalizes the target numbers, for example a target reads 65 using 17Khz, this target number will change if you select another frequency, normalise on will average the number so that the target will read the same in all 4 frequencies.
Enter “update” when you are updating your Deus with the USB lead connected and the correct web page selected. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
Turn the controller speaker on or off, you can run speaker and headphones at the same time.

The differences between the Horseshoe and the Curve graphic.

xp Deus curve and horseshoeCurve = Target size and intensity
Horseshoe = Left for ferrous (iron) – Right for non ferrous (good target)

The Program Menu
Custom programs can be saved, deleted, re-named using the arrow and select keys.


The Coil Menu

This is where the operator can select additional coils, re-name, and pair a new coil.


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