XP Deus Coil assembly and charging


As you unpack your new XP Deus you will soon realise how easy it is to assemble, fit your search coil to the lower stem using the washers(1) and internal cup(2) which fits into the larger hole in the search coils lugs.

xp deus coil bolt configOnce you have assembled the coil on the lower stem it is time to charge you – Headphones – Coil – and Controller (if supplied)
Take note the charger has a lead with 3 outlets, you will also find a single lead, this is not for charging but for data transfer when updating software versions.

xp deus charging system
Place one lead into the coil charging clip and carefully place the clip over the coil charging pins ensuring the lead is across the coil

xp deus coil wireThe units should only require a maximum of 3 hours on charge, never leave your Deus on charge for a long period as it will drastically shorten the life of the battery.
emergency charger
You will also see supplied the emergency battery charger
This takes 1 AA battery and will quickly charge your coil if you ever encounter un expected battery drainage.

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