XP Deus Lite menu options


The Deus Lite, also known as Deus WS4 or or Deus WS5 depending on what headphones you have. Compared to the Deus Full you have limited menu options inside the headphone units, however your range of adjustments will be more than enough compared to other machines in the same price bracket.

The headphones allow you to select all programs and functionality you need to run the Deus properly such as Discrimination – Ground balance – operating frequency – volume – Sensitivity.
You can also pair different coils and save your favourite settings in empty memory slots (version 3x).
As with the Deus full, the Deus Lite still has all 10 factory pre-set programs installed.

The Deus Lite has no access to Expert menus where you would normally adjust TX power, fine freq shift ,audio response, silencer, audio overload, tones and their sounds and notch.

Also the Deus Lite headphones can not be updated without using a control module, this can easily be overcome by borrowing a module from a friend just for the update or visiting your local dealer.

Deus Lite Features

deus lite features