XP Deus High Frequency coil some simple tests

High frequency coils what advantages do they have to offer.

This is a question asked many times, and the answers are not always conclusive or relevant to your search requirements.
For many years I have been testing machines, however not being an engineer or fully understand the intricate workings of a metal detector, I have to rely on simple more practical tests in order to find a convincing baseline to work from.

XP Deus my test targets

I refer to the term baseline as a starting point which is a basic understanding of what the chosen metal detector “May” be capable of in the field.
Over the top ….Perhaps, but those who know me will tell you I am a detector geek and like to pick the bones from the bones.
Air tests are rarely conclusive, although they can be a great confidence builder – Confidence plays a big part in our daily lives and indeed offers an advantage while out detecting.
Sometimes we sell or trade a perfectly good metal detector just because we no longer have confidence in it, yet in many cases end up buying the same model again 6 months later.

The tests shown in my video are what I have been using for many years and so far have served me well, the tests show what differences to expect when using 14Khz compared to 54Khz operating frequencies, the samples used are what I would class as “difficult targets” because I know from experience represent coins or artefact that are hard to locate in certain soils.

The test is not to convince you to use a higher frequency, or to rush out and buy an XP Deus with the full range of search coils, it simply shows the advantages 54Khz has to offer over 14Khz.

And likewise I am sure there are tests showing the 14Khz as the better frequency, this is why the – “What frequency shall I use” – question can not really be answered as it all depends on your soil and in many cases your desired targets.

Just one Ferrous – non Ferrous test

I have used some everyday targets in the video so you guys at home can replicate the tests if you wish. Being very diplomatic here but please don’t be disappointed if your machine fails these tests, to date there is no concrete evidence to suggest your finds rate will be less in the field.

Some may ask why did I not compare the Black Deus 18Khz coil with the White Deus coil on 54Khz – It is far quicker to simply change frequencies on the controller than to keep swapping coils, this is why I chose to use 14Khz and 54Khz because the White coil uses both choices.

I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you a new line of thought.

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