XP Deus 4.1 – Users review

Since the launch of the latest XP Deus version 4.1 firmware update, we have noticed a bit of confusion and panic among the Deus users, so we thought it may help others to do a short review of the update, and try to quash rumours and clarify the overall situation.

The V4.1 has been available from some time as a Beta version for testers, now it is presented and ready for download in its full form at .

We will start our review by facing one of the most publicised issues related to the V.4.1, more exactly the technical problems that occur during the update.

First of all, the user must be aware that the update can only be done only through a PC/Windows operated unit (at this moment there is no interface for the Mac/OSX) and we all know how many problems can be related to a Windows operating system… We’ve noticed many users complaining that everything would freeze during the update, either the Deus RC screen or the PC update screen page (or even both). One simple solution in order to have everything running as it should, would be to stop your PC Firewall / antivirus programs before starting the update (turn off firewall & antivirus > reboot your computer > download the V4.1 > install it > everything should be just fine).
You will need a good internet connection during the update.
The new protocol asks you to make sure the items being updated are on charge, if you do not have enough charging plugs, simply put each item on charge when it is time to update them, also if you have an HF coil, this will not show up on the update.
Do not turn your headphones on until you are asked to do so, this will be after the coils have updated.

As for the previous updates, even with the V4.1 you will have the possibility to work exactly like in earlier versions: If you wish you can create your own custom program from one of the factory programs, I prefer to use the ”Hot Program”as a platform as it is built on the V3.2 filters, while the ”Deep Program” uses V2 filters. Updating from 3.2 to 4.x I can instantly see you have not lost anything, but you just have gained more options, and that is one of the most powerful Deus characteristics…Options!

Let’s enter a more detailed view on the V4.1…what’s new about it, what is the point of updating your system in the first place.

We must start by saying do not expect anything totally new or miraculous.
After we tested it, we concluded that the V.4.1 is more like a ”finesse” update,  one oriented to the fine tuning of some already present features.  The V4.1 does not change any of the discrimination or GB parameters, but introduces few more options related to them.

Deus version 4.1 improvements

We must say that we have spotted some real improvements related to the wireless connection to the coil. Some members of our team use the Deus lite setup (having the WS4 headphones instead of the RC control box) and had in the past few issues with the connectivity to the coil. Now everything looks fine and very stable, without having any more problems related to the pairing of the WS4 headphones to the coil.
The connectivity speed of the MI-6 pointer to the Deus is also improved, even though we did not have any problems with it before, now it seems faster.

Probably the biggest V4.1 new feature would be the additional options related to the GB/Ground Balance menu. By entering the Ground Balance Expert menu, you will be able to tune the Deus in order to track and read different kinds of soils, depending on their intensity. If you search a low mineralized area using a low ground sensitivity (1 to 5), the Deus won’t track it and won’t display the ground values, operating on the default recommended level of 88. If you go for higher ground sensitivity (6 to10) the tracking mode will pop even in low mineralized soils.

In order to keep everything running smooth, it would be better to have the ”Ground Sensitivity” kept at lower levels (1 to 5).
Here is a detailed article on the Ground sensitivity and the Deus ground balance.


At this moment in time the GoDetect phone app is still under construction, I talked with XP and they assure me something really good is in the pipeline, so I am happy to wait for the finished product. The GoDetect software is in your RC and will not require another update when released. It’s the phone side which is being worked on.

Our thoughts

Our overall experience with the V4.1 was a positive one; we were somehow prepared to face a less stable platform, but it wasn’t so. The V4.1 is very stable, we have not experienced any disconnection of the RC from the coil, no false readings or any sort of glitches.

Watching social media we have noticed an overall fear related to a possible loss of depth while using the V4.1.  We noted all the questions or frustrations that we saw online, on several pages and forums, so we decided to run some tests with the new update and the HF elliptical coil.

Our results were pretty much the same as the ones obtained with the V4, but on deeper targets the V4.1 signal appeared to be more stable and clear. Also testing V4.1 gave us a 1-3cm depth advantage on some targets (especially small silver coins or fragments).

Our conclusion is that the V4.1 won’t lose you depth, so do not panic about that, in fact we found just the opposite.
You have to think, are these scare stories about the Deus updates released by internet trolls.
The XP web site and the XP Classroom have a wealth of help and information available to everyone at all levels – What other manufacturer offers this amount of on-line support, I can tell you NONE !

So yes version 4.1 is a real winner for us guys so follow the instructions and update your Deus.

Get out into the field, follow your dreams and enjoy the Deus experience.

We wish you all the very best.

Michele and the RMA Deus test team.

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