XP Deus version 4 new features

So what changes have XP made to the Deus

The XP Deus version 4 update : A brief description

XP have made several changes to the version 4 free update, some things are very obvious, others you have to dig a little deeper to find, so here is a list of the most important additions and changes.

Reactivity 2.5, this new reactivity level is fast and deep, offering a good compromise especially when searching new terrain.
Program No10 GOLD FIELD : Improved Audio Response and reactivity.
Goldfield will give excellent results especially when combined with the new HF coils…Now difficult targets can easily be detected in mineralized ground.. The Tone menu has been removed.
Lower discrimination range : For those  who want more control over ferrous targets.
Negative discrimination of 0 to -6.4 makes it possible to locate previously rejected ferrous items, the lower discrimination range can also enhance the signature from deep targets which may have in the past been ignored. These new options also offer a big advantage when searching for specific targets such as ceramics or even meteorites.
Ground Effects: Improved Tracking / Each frequency adjusts to its own ground effect value.
Improved display and signal  processing compatible with the new HF 21 frequencies. The display now has the ability to handle detection frequencies up to 80kHz (18kHz before), now with 7 frequency offsets (compared to 3 previously).
DEUS is now compatible with a smart phone: Target information and other data can be sent by radio link to a smart phone. An app will soon be available to unlock these features.
New program No9 “HOT” : “Pro setting” this is a find everything program, based on the Full Tone audio mode with a very low discrimination. Hot is a very interactive program offering excellent feedback and target information.
New program No6 “DEEP”: “Pro setting” for locating deep targets, with moderate discrimination and specific signal processing.
Improved Non motion / static mode: Non motion modes are now more advanced offering better overall performance, with an improved sensitivity to small targets.
New processing : Faster processing power improves navigation and a range of other parameters. remote and headset battery life has slightly decreased to 18 and 20 hours respectively.
Normalization display is now a menu feature on the WS4 and WS5 headphones.
The headset volume is now stored when switched off.
The coil name in the coil menu have gone, the serial number is now used as the coil reference.
Erasing a coil from the list is done by replacing all characters with 0.
Audio tone can now be raised up to 993 hertz
The coil charging light is instantaneous, as soon as the clamp is attached the LED lights up.
Target Normalization mode is on by default (Normalization is not active with HF coils).

In this article let’s choose just one of the fantastic new features, the XY screen

Th XY has always been a Deus feature but it’s original form was for factory calibration, this new XY screen is far more advanced.
The XY screen provides a visual assistance and may improve the identification of difficult targets when combined with the audio sound.
For example: To aid the identification of targets that do not have a precise signature (some ferrous, cans …).
Here are some typical target signatures, however certain targets like bottle caps will have their very own target trace.

Choosing your graphic

Once is the graphic screen press the + or – keys to select your preferred graphic.
There are now 3 graphics to choose from- Once the XY profile has been selected it will become the default display.

The XY trace display magnification feature

The XY trace has 10 levels of adjustment, access this feature via the pin point button, simply press it for 2 seconds and you will see the Zoom function.
At the minimum setting a detected target will need to be quite strong to activate it….At the maximum setting the trace becomes very sensitive and may register EMI as a signal (image on lower right).
So try to find a zoom level that suits your requirements.

Deus program 9 Hot and Deus program 6 Deep.

We will have some technical video’s uploaded soon covering the XY screen in more depth.

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