The XP Deus Ws4 and Ws5 technical information

The XP Deus Ws4 offers so much for so little……. 4, 5, 6, even 10 detectors in 1 tiny package

All covered with a 5 year warranty… Don’t be fooled by the size of this machine, there is a lot going on in that small control box !

Is the Deus Ws4 a Deus Lite ?
Yes the Deus Ws4 or Ws5 is often referred to as the Deus Lite, the Deus Ws4 is the Deus and Ws4 headphones, the Deus Ws5 is the Deus with Ws5 headphones.

Is the XP Deus Ws4 / Ws5 suitable for beginners ?
Yes it’s easy…If you are new to detecting you can simply switch on select factory program 1 and detect, that’s all you need to do, then in time you can explore the true workings of the Deus and unlock the cutting edge technology XP have spent years perfecting.

What machines do you get inside a Deus Ws4 / Ws5 ?
At a quick glance you get :
1. A 4Khz machine.
2. An 8 Khz machine.
3. A 12Khz machine.
4. An 18Khz machine.
5. A fast recovery machine.
6. A slow recovery machine.
7. A single tone machine.
8. A multi tone machine.
9. A beach machine.
10. A nugget hunting machine.

Wireless technology
The Deus uses XP’s own patented wireless technology, connectivity between the search coil, controller and the headphones is seamless and lightning fast using the 36 automatic channels available.

Search coil technology
The 9” carbon fibre impregnated search coil weighs just 340gms and hosts 4 frequency options, 4, 8, 12 or 18Khz, all accessed with a simple press of button.
Three coils are available 13” x 11”, 11”, and 9”… coil changes can be made in less than 10 seconds.
The search coils can be used underwater with the optional antenna system fitted.

All the battery’s -controller – headphones – search coil are the same :630mA/h
Each High Capacity rechargeable Lipo battery offers 15 hours search coil use from just a 3 hour charge and, up to 27 hours headphone use from just a 3 hour charge.
The Ws4 and Ws5 headphones have a battery level indicator on the display showing the coil and headphone battery situation, you can see them flashing alternately.
Charged by a mains charger, car charger, solar charger or external battery charger.
Ws4 and Ws5 Headphones specifications
Headphone weight ….Ws4 : 86gms, Ws5 : 255gms
Shower proof construction


The Deus Ws4 / Ws5 include a wide range of user adjustments such as :
4 Frequencies
Ground Balance
Choice of 1 – 5 audio tones plus, VCO Pitch and Full Tone option.
10 Factory Programs plus empty slots for user custom programs.
LCD target identification
Volume control
Coil change menu
Battery level indicator.


What extra options does the Deus controller offer.
An expert menu to some functions including tone adjustments and Notch feature.
A Frequency shift option
Various all metal search options including pin point feature
Software update menu
Enhanced ground balance features
Bigger LCD read out including mineralization meter and ferrous non ferrous display

Making custom programs
Although the Deus Ws4 / Ws5 has no Expert menu you can make custom adjustments from the Expert menu such as Silencer and Reactivity using factory pre set programs as a starting point.
For example the 2 GM Power factory program uses a silencer of 2 and a reactivity of 2.
The 3 Deus Fast factory program uses a silencer of -1 and a reactivity of 3, so you can use a pre set factory program as a starting platform to make your own custom programs.

Saving custom Programs
You easily can save custom programs into the spare memory slots within the Ws4 or Ws5 internal memory.

Ws4 options
*Note : The Ws5 does not have a detachable module.

The Ws4 module can be detached from the headphone band to accommodate the fantastic range of XP accessories which include :
Ws4 Stem adaptor plate, allows the Ws4 module to attach to the stem.
Ws4 Waterproof pouch, this keeps the Ws4 module clean and dry
Ws4 Wristband, this secures the Ws4 module to your wrist, just like a watch.
The Ws4 Adaptor plate is required to accommodate accessories, now the XP lightweight wired back phones can be used.

All this technology is mounted onto the world-famous XP patented telescopic “S” stem which quickly folds away to only 58cm.

The complete package with 9” coil only weighs 800gms.

My coil flashes even when my machine turned is off
This is quite normal, the coil is now in stand by mode, the battery can last a long time when in sleep mode.

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