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XP Metal Detectors are becoming a really big name in the USA, the Deus has quickly earned the respect it deserves from the American relic hunter, they have seen the way XP has conquered so many countries in such a short time, most of Europe can’t be wrong.
If you’re not using an XP….it’s time to pay attention.

Interview with the guys from XP America’s
Earlier I talked on Skype and said hi to their great team who work very hard behind the scenes, we talked about metal detecting in the US.
It was clear to see these guy have great enthusiasm, passion for the hobby and very much respected amongst the US metal detecting community.
I wanted to congratulate them on the XP America’s website…. it really impressed me, it is packed full of information and very easy to navigate which is hard to find these days.
The XP America’s web site answers all of you Deus questions
If you are a civil war relic hunter, nugget hunter, shallow water hunter, beach or park hunter this web site will answer all of your XP questions and find a detecting package to suit your needs.

XP Americas

We talked about the XP Deus and how quickly it has become the new “Go to” detector and the machine of choice for many seasoned hunters out in the US.
They went on to say they are having a constant stream of dealer requests, XP is going from strength to strength despite very strong competition from other brands.

“At first US detectorists were a little wary of the new kid on the block, but having seen the success of the XP in other countries, we knew XP was worth backing”

During our interview we talked about how different metal detecting in the US was so different to Europe, however the US detectorists very quickly picked up on the Deus format and began to understand its language, with the availability of excellent video’s and hands on tuition by people like Andy Sabisch some fantastic finds are being reported from Deus users.
XP Warranty repairs
XP Americas confirmed XP warranty repairs were cariied out in the US and were very rare, customer service had an excellent customer feedback rating.
Hopefully very soon I will be visiting the US to try some detecting myself, I’m really looking forward to meeting some new friends, I’m sure it’s going to be an education.
Special deal
XP Americas have just announced an XP starter pack, designed as an entry-level high performance introduction into the world of the XP Deus. Im sure it will be a great success !

XP Americas are proud to offer the new 2016 XP Starter bundle from only $799
XP americas starter bundle 2

The XP Americas web site is packed with helpful information and user reviews, I will be a regular visitor from now on. The team are waiting for your call and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.
Here are some real finds made by XP Deus users in the United States
US Deus finds


Find out more and become a part of the XP community by visiting the XP America’s website

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