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Deus Gold field secrets

The XP Deus has a motion all metal circuit called Gold field, it can be found on factory program #10 on your Deus menu, it has many hidden secrets. So many people like myself have been using the Deus for many years and have not…

XP Deus Full Tones

Deus Full Tone can give you a real advantage when looking for a hot spot…. Even if you prefer not to hunt in Full Tone it is still worth learning a few basics and find out how it can be applied to your searches. Full…

Make a custom XP pin point program

Here is another quick XP Deus tip You can make your own dynamic pin point program in seconds Load up the Deus Fast program (no3) Change : Sensitivity : 75 Discrimination: 0 Tone: Pitch Reactivity: 5 Thats it ! your XP Deus now has a…

XP official home page

XP Metal Detectors 8 rue du développement, ZI de VIC31320 CASTANET-TOLOSAN FRANCE.


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