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Updating your XP Deus

Downloading the latest “Free” updates to your XP metal detector is fast and simple, please follow this update procedure – This is for a Windows PC only Before updating your Deus please take some time and make sure you have all the items ready. 1.…

The new XP products have been announced

We are proud to announce some new accessories and software for XP DEUS which will be available on the market in a few months. They were demonstrated at the XP European Rally in the UK which took place on the 17-18th of September, and also…

XP Metal Detectors Dominate the Paris show

I recently returned from the 2015 metal detecting show in Paris called the 1er Salon de la Detection, it was good to see so many dedicated XP followers supporting the project and I would like to say a massive thank you to all who said…

XP official home page

XP Metal Detectors 8 rue du développement, ZI de VIC31320 CASTANET-TOLOSAN FRANCE.


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